Quantum Web In Liquidation!

Quantum Web is now called Quantum Network & Promotions.



I first heard of this last night, but this morning it is finally verified. Quantum Web Solutions are now in liquidation! What a surprise this is?… not.


So I wonder if the company is going to shut up shop, re-invent itself or get bought out by another company? I wouldn’t hold your breath for the first or last… But I would hope they just give up and decide not to operate anymore as they’re a hindrance to society!

My thoughts go out to all the clients past and present that have fallen to hardship thanks to Quantum Web Solutions, and I urge them to move their websites from Quantum’s grasps and host their sites with another hosting provider.

coincidently last night I was negotiating some freelance work with a client I met on a freelance website, and it turns out they used to be a client of Quantum Web and finally decided to sever their relationship because of quantum's lack of support and organisation.

Any clients of Quantum Web reading this? Please drop me a comment about your story (I’ll keep it private if you request).

And finally to those who have moved there website from Quantum, perhaps you’re looking for some freelancers for some changes/improvements to your site? I can offer such services… Contact me on my website or in the comments.


Author: Dean WilliamsI'm a Web Developer, Graphics Designer and Gamer, this is my personal site which provides PHP programming advice, hints and tips

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:sad: Hearing all this is very unfortunate. Could someone post the liquidators details please. I will then report back how I get on.

Hi guys I am just reading these emails and it is making my heart break just to confirm: Amy, james tidy, Russ and Emma have all been made redundant on june 19th if you read the later blog you will be aware that they have been left out of pocket also and were notthe people in charge who causedthis.Dean has been sent details of people who can help you and a number has been released so that you can call the hosting and support team.You are not alone xx

cant believe the directors off quantum can run a company like this i paid£1000in jan 2011 and still not got site up and running and paid another£270 in april i hope to claim this back

Hello, I paid £1400 for a website which is still not up and running, no one has been in touch with me nor can i get hold of anyone ? how do i claim money back or contact someone. Thanks !

:evil: :twisted: :cry: I had let myself sell into this wonder of Quantum by a very lovely northern lass in December 2010 with the promise the website would be ready for business the latest by end of January. They had a designer making some proposals, which were great, and very fast, but once the programming started all the problems started. They couldn't translate the design into a website, it all looked very poor compared to the design I signed off. And the technical problems were horrendous. I had a questions to the training guy that he could not answer (simple… Read more »

I’m afraid I am very late in hearing this news! I have just seen an old email from Quantum/Tinman about the liquidation. I had a strange feeling this would happen and now I have nothing to show for my money! Please could someone let me know if they’ve had any contact regarding their websites or refunds or any action being taken: hottlisted@Hotmail.com

Feeling stupid!! After reading all these comments...
When I first met with Quantum it was nearly 3 years ago and I was told that my web project will be finished in 3 months but it took nearly 12 months without completing and spending 5K!!!

They took all my energy, my project and my dream has gone!

They even asked me to pay more but I said I had enough and I want to see my website and after nerves breakdown I started ignoring them I didn't want to finish the project!!!

Hi Deano,

This is Ergin, you may remember me or my project "Yummy" online food ordering website. I have came down to your office 2 or 3 times and had lots of argument with the owners on the phone and face to face.

I don't have FTP access and I am looking for a solution and help now.

If you think, somehow you can access those files I am happy to complete my project

Please email me at erdemir.ergin@gmail.com