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Early last week I was given some disturbing news, Quantum Web Solutions/Quantum Network & Promotions has sacked all of it’s development staff, sales staff and design staff and is officially shutting down web development operations.

Instead it will be concentrating on hosting the clients that are already hosted with Quantum Web, which means anyone with Quantum Hosting is fine for the time being. However for how long and will they suddenly just decide it’s non profitable and shut down hosting one day without warning? Who knows!

For those that are still with Quantum Hosting, there are some things to really consider:

  • What will happen if your site needs bug fixing?
  • What will you do if you suddenly decide you need some new features?
  • what if you go through some re-branding and want to change the look n’ feel of your website!?!

Basically what on earth will you do now ALL support is gone? I cant see anyone being happy having a website that is now locked into one developed state. No online business I know is happy with a site to confidently say “we do not require any more work/features ever again”.

Here is a review site with clients posting about their troubles contacting the company.


Quantum Hosting Email!

Quantum has finally started to contact customers, providing an explanation for why they have not been contactable recently, apparently they (Quantum Hosting) "shared an office" with Quantum Network & Promotions and that now it has stopped trading the phone lines were lost, however they are owned by the same people so I dont bye this... - anyway, please have a read of the email - there is a contact email address finally and you can all now contact them! 🙂

This email is to let you all know that your websites are very safe and secure. You may have heard or been contacted by a third party telling you that Quantum Hosting and Support is no longer trading.

This is simply not true, Hosting & Support continues to trade as a strong Vibrant company.

Quantum Network and Promotions is no longer trading, this is mainly due to a sustained attack from a number of Competitors and ex members of staff.

This has meant that we want to concentrate on servicing our existing customers, ensuring that you receive the best possible service.

If you need to contact us please use the email address info@hosting-support.co.uk and we will respond as soon as possible.

Our new phone number will be up and running over the next few days and we will forward this as soon as we can.

I apologise for our old number going unanswered – however as we shared an office with Network and promotions we no longer had access to our numbers.

I would like to thank you for your patience over the last week and once again reassure you that your Hosting and support package will remain unaffected.

Let me just point out that I have never said that Quantum Hosting had stopped trading, so I don't know who has been.  However I'm happy that you guys can now directly contact them again... This completely validates my blog - Quantum are in Liquidation and Quantum Network & Promotions have stopped trading.


What has been happening in Quantum the last 2 weeks…

A few months ago, Quantum Web Solutions liquidated, as posted on this blog, all assets and employees were transferred to 1 of 3 new companies set up in it's wake:

Quantum Network and Promotions
- No assets
- Clients still in dev
- Employees


Quantum Hosting and Support
- Existing Linesave sites
- Existing Quantum sites
- Existing Tovuti sites

Quantum Network & Promotions has not liquidated (http://companycheck.co.uk/company/07340407 – still says active as of 02/07/2012), however as the above email from Quantum states, they have officially stopped trading.

I have been told the following which I share, but is of a personal opinion of the person who said it:

All staff were told "This is the end of Quantum, but we will keep the hosting going" – but then a few select members of staff were approached and offered a position at a new company called "Tazamo" - http://www.tazamo.co.uk/

Suspicious employees who were not approached, but enquired, were told that there was no new office or anything.

The following is what I know about the new company:
- Same management - Chris Hurst, Paul Walker & Bernie Hurley
- Most, if not all of the same sales team

It would seem that the above is correct, all lines of communication between clients and Quantum have been lost, the only people who are in touch with Quantum are a select few clients who have been contacted by a blocked number and asked for payments for various stages of development. I would make sure you are paying for something you are receiving before you shell out any money.
Dont forget that if you paid using a credit card, you can always reverse the charges and get your money back - that's if they do not deliver what your paying for of course.

My sympathies go out to all the staff who this week are going without a job and now must attempt to find new employment, lets face it, having “worked at Quantum” on your CV is not going to do much… But I also feel sorry for all you clients who now have the headache of chasing after them and making sure your site is future-proof.


Website Offline? Office Phones out?

I'm getting a number of reports that customers websites are going offline for hours at a time and that any attempt to phone Quantum has failed, even more worrying, attempts to email Quantum are also failing and mail is getting bounced!

Anyone who wishes to get in touch with Quantum will have to keep trying the numbers that were on the website - you could even try visiting the offices as I believe a few staff are still working there to sort things out. The email above also contains a new email address which you can apparently contact them on.

The Quantum website went offline completely last night - not sure what is going on there?


Report your story

I'm urging everyone to comment on this blog and most importantly, contact Rogue Traders with your story with this company, employees too. Feel free to note me and this blog as a contact - I will be more than happy to assist with any investigation.




To those who have already got their site from Quantum and are looking for hosting and/or support for their website, or if your thinking of leaving Quantum but need someone to look after your site and offer support, I have started offering such a service – you should read more about what you will need before looking at our Quantum Hosting package.

For those who wish to host their site on their own hosting account, I can also help with this so please do not hesitate and contact me.

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