This ones very useful if your looking to resize an external image in Java. Recently I have been needing this solution and once I had implemented the code I decided I would share it for anyone else looking to do the same. How it works This function will take the Source Image and Destination Image […]


One useful feature in most programming languages is the ability to resize an array if you need more allocations for data, for instance in VB.NET you would resize an array like this: Dim myArray(4) As Integer Redim Preserve myArray(10) As Integer   In Java however it’s a different story… Java arrays cannot be resized dynamically […]


Java provides built-in support for threading tasks in your application, and it’s very simple to implement and use! There are several ways you can setup more threads in your application, I will explain each and give an example. What is multi-threading and why should I use it? multi-threading allows you to run another task , […]