Looking for a quick and easy cookie policy message for your website? This cookie policy script is built entirely using JavaScript/jQuery and only requires you to add the JavaScript code to your web pages for a fast, effortless cookie policy warning popup for your visitors. I have implemented various options so that you can configure […]


PHP Sessions are great, they allow us to easily store information about a client without that client having ANY access to that data. In fact all they have is a “key” which links up to a session file stored on the server which PHP accesses behind the scenes. This makes sessions very secure for us, […]


A friend of mine named Porfirio Ribeiro once made this great set of functions to enable easy use of cookies from JavaScript. Hopefully some people will find this useful, feel free to re-use and re-distribute as long as you retain the original credit alongside any further credit if you modify or extend the functions. Here […]