Finally after many years and many scrapped projects, the new Resplace site is now taking shape and has begun to take over various aspects of the old domain. Basically I had a resources/geek site called which is very, VERY old now and was built way back when I was quite amateurish at Web Development. […]


A popular all you can eat buffet called Wing Wah in Wolverhampton has closed down, the buffet restaurant on stafford road adjacent to Three Tuns Lane closed down on Sunday night and has been fenced off, a new chinese restaurant is rumored to be taking over the premises and work has already begun to transform the […]


I was surprised to get a letter in the post today regarding voting from my local council (Wolverhampton Council) titled “Your vote matters. The way you register to vote is changing”. I almost completely overlooked it and ripped it up for the bin, but by some off chance I skimmed down far enough to notice […]


Tonight I decided to treat myself to my favourite Dominos pizza; a hotdog stuffed crust with various toppings… So I logged into the website as usual and started putting together my order, only to find that there was no hotdog stuffed crust anymore!! I frantically flicked through the options hoping I had just missed it… […]


I read something absolutely hilarious on BBC news today, the author of Game Of Thrones (George RR Martin) has confessed that he uses DOS to write the series and does not like modern machinery, not because hes comfortable with DOS or because his eyesight is affected by the 32-bit colours of modern displays. Not even […]


It seems PirateBay has not given up against world governments censorship tactics, they have been secretly planning a return since the recent, forced blocking across the UK and other countries. Just like in futurama when bender says: “Lets build our own internet, with blackjack and hookers”, the PirateBay are looking to invent their own internet […]


So today’s date is 11-12-13, it may hold meaning, it may not. What we do know however that it is a sequential string, and that is considered special to some. But why is it special? Well perhaps because this is the last date this century with three consecutive numbers, the next time this will come […]


Over the last couple of years our devices have been able to do more and more, especially when it comes to the latest 3d games and HD technologies, however as our devices have gotten more powerful, they have also become more usable for every day tasks such as email and banking. Our phones are now […]


I work for a company that offers a recycling service for new / used / broken mobile phones so I work heavily in the mobile phone recycling market. Recently Cash4Phones has been in the spotlight for downgrading their customers devices due to damage that did not exist and for delaying payment to customers that accepted […]


Anyone who has played Unreal Tournament GOTY (UT99) with the Strangelove Mutator and played online, should have heard of this server! Back 5 years ago it was the best Strangelove server by far, with people playing it regularly. Back then me and my friend UT MULLER (as named in the game), used to play on […]