Over the last few weeks I have been working with OpenCart, a free Open-Source Shopping Cart. And so far I have been loving it! However it was not long until I hit a road block with the software, after enabling the clean SEO URL’s feature and setting up my “SEO Keywords” for all my products, […]


I thought I would blog about my personal experience with this very question, about 3 months ago I found many so-called SEO professionals that were claiming that the Meta Keywords and Meta Descriptions were now redundant and should be removed due to the fact that search engines could now cleverly devise a list of useful […]


Google Analytics is a great way to track the visitors on your websites, however what if you are using AJAX for website navigation? Fortunately Google have everything under control, you can easily tell Analytics that the user is loading another page by using _trackPageView. You should already have the latest Google Analytics tracking code called […]

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