Has your twitter feed stopped working the last couple of days? Well if your using V1 of the Twitter API then there is a very good reason, twitter have now dropped support for V1 of the API and you must update your code to work with V1.1. Unfortunately you cannot simply change the URL to […]


Recently I have been working on a project for work that allows customers to book train tickets and a hotel in one package (saving them money), how the system is working is the user first selects there train travel, after which they are shown all the hotels on a Google Map. This map also shows […]


Firefox (and perhaps other browsers) seems to have a bug when it comes to using the scroll wheel on an embedded Google Map. Quite often the page will also scroll when you use the wheel to zoom in and out, this is really frustrating and made worse by the fact it doesn’t always happen! I’ve […]


Today I have been improving the Emoticon Library by integrating some new features and enhancements. Quite a few of the changes will be unnoticeable right now and are internal changes ready for upcoming features. There are changes you will notice though, I have done some work on the Categories and Sets lists shown at the […]