Just a few days ago I setup a new site for Theme Hospital fans. As a long time lover of Theme Hospital, I have always been uneasy with the rapid decline in support for the software… Just 6 months ago I noticed a very nice domain was availiable – – and decided to purchase […]


I’ve just been accepted into the Adsense program that Google provides, right now though I’m only going to serve the adverts to my blog. In order to start serving ads on the resplace website I’m going to have to modify how the Emoticon Library works, currently there are some categories of an adult nature with […]


The other week I bought a new domain name “”, today I managed to finally get it attached to my hosting provider (dumb me!). The new domain will hopefully be home to a new service I’m hoping to set up. I don’t want to give too much away, but basically the site will be a […]

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