My current project requires quite a bit of date > timestamp and timestamp > date converting, mainly so I can store timestamps in a database instead of string dates. This has lead to a bit of frustration when modifying the database by hand – What does 1320969600 MEAN!?!?! Anyway I decided to create a small […]


Pulling your hair out over this Notice message? Well here is an explanation for why you are getting this and how you can avoid it. Take a look at the following code: <?php class myClass { public $var = 1; public function &getVar() { return($this->var); } } $obj = new myClass; $value = &$obj->getVar(); ?> […]


I have just updated the website and in the process released the first BETA version of ServerBrowse. ServerBrowse is software which runs on a PHP4/PHP5 web server and allows webmasters (or visitors) to browse all directory’s within the installation path of the software, it supports MIME types and displays icons for popular file formats such […]