A client of mine recently had a serious problem with Facebook and reviews left by visitors to his business Facebook page, he was getting bombarded by his competitors who were leaving bad reviews that he felt were negatively impacting his business. With Facebook there is now no way to hide the reviews tab or disable it […]


Normally I would not support such an activity as this, as it is obviously going to cause some serious downtime, but because it’s the government and also because I completely agree with the reasons behind doing it! I will make an exception…. So the government want to store everyone’s emails in one huge, dirty, big […]


I’ve recently decided (like many other people I suspect) to utilize a few of the best social networking sites rather than just using Facebook. This is for a few reasons: My friends are not just using Facebook, and so I wish to let them know what I’m doing on whatever there using. When posting updates […]

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