Wild West Hot 'N' Spicy Beef Jerky New Recipe

Wild West beef jerky is like a drug to me, I can't get enough of the Stuff! I particularly like their hot n spicy flavour as it is more tender and has a very nice spicy flavour to it.

However this all came to an end yesterday after picking up my usual 10 bags from ASDA. I noticed the packaging had changed slightly and it now says "made in England" as we'll as "new improved recipe" and finally "softer eat". Great I thought as I took my jerky to the checkout.

After getting home I decided to try a bag of the jerky, immediately I knew the changes were not to my liking, the jerky is no longer as spicy, it now tastes just like the plain jerky but with a hint of spice. The jerky is now HARDER even though it says softer on the packaging :(...

So ultimately my favourite snack has been ruined and although I like the jerky still it is no where near as nice and tender and spicy as it used to be, I'm begging you Wild West, bring back the old recipe!!! Please I beg you!

Anyone else like or dislike the new recipe?.

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