What happened to Dominos hotdog stuffed crust?


Tonight I decided to treat myself to my favourite Dominos pizza; a hotdog stuffed crust with various toppings…

So I logged into the website as usual and started putting together my order, only to find that there was no hotdog stuffed crust anymore!! I frantically flicked through the options hoping I had just missed it… I kept going around and around the options until I came to the realisation that…



I’m distraught, ever since it first appeared I have gorged on the fantastic taste, the hotdog stuffed crust became my favourite pizza of all time, it was the only thing keeping me on Dominos as compared to other cheaper pizza places.

Well tonight I have ordered a Papa’s Pizza for the first time, and let me say, their pizza is much nicer and the ingredients used seem much fresher. the website needs some work though, it was very confusing compared to Dominos website and we had to play around a little before we got our order together, things such as not showing us the cost when we add extra toppings and the loss of your customization when you make too many changes, really should be updated to provide live validation.

Goodbye Dominos (until your hotdog stuffed crust returns).


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So because you couldn't get the hot dog stuffed crust you decided to go to a completely different place for your pizza (which also doesn't do a hot dog stuffed crust) despite the fact you probably liked and enjoyed Dominos way before a stuffed crust was introduced?

I agree that the hotdog stuff crust was amazing, however when I tried to convince other people to try it they would all say it sounded horrible. This might be why it's gone.