Visual Editor/TinyMCE not working in WordPress

If, like me, you find that the WordPress visual editor (TinyMCE editor) has stopped working randomly (or in my case when moving your WordPress site to another server) then you may be lost as to how to fix the problem!

With my editor I could only see the code window and not the visual editor, but other people have slightly different issues such as error messages or everything packing up completely.

To fix the issues I have listed some common steps you should follow to fix your problem, hopefully by the end of this post if you follow each step, one of them should have fixed your problem.

  1. Login to your WordPress admin panel and edit your profile using the link in the top right hand corner. In there make sure “Disable the visual editor” is un-checked.
  2. Clear your browsers cache, try force refreshing by holding down CTRL and pressing F5, update your browser and WordPress.
  3. In your browser go to: [your site]/wp-includes/js/tinymce/tiny_mce_config.php
    It should open a file that starts with “tinyMCEPreInit =” and the last line should start “tinyMCE.init({mode:"none",…”

    If it does not, try holding CTRL and pressing F5 a few times until it changes.

  4. If you changed server or it was updated, check that TinyMCE is getting enough memory to function correctly, this is done by editing your php.ini file.

    Unfortunately some hosts do not let you modify this file or override it’s settings so to find out if you can and how/where to find the ini file, please contact your hosting provider directly (I cannot help you).

    Once you can edit it, find the line starting with “memory_limit” and make sure it’s value is 32 or above, so for example mine is:

    memory_limit = 32M;

  5. Take a backup of both “wp-admin” and “wp-includes” directories, once you have these backed up delete both directories from your server.

    Download the latest WordPress files from their website and extract only the two folders you just deleted.

    finally upload these directories back to your server.

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Thanks for that - it was the browser cache needing to be cleared that did it. Wonder if that's because last time I edited a post I was on another laptop? And who'd have thought an old techhead like me would actually MISS a visual editor?

One thing to also try is to disable and re-enable the editor via the checkbox in the user profile to make sure the setting is right in the user data. I did this with success. Hopefully this info will help someone else.... :smile: