Web Agent Chat gives your website visitors an opportunity to contact your sales advisors directly from their web browser, instantly. The process is so simple and quick you will wonder why you have phone support at all. Our software is not only seamless to use, but it is also easy to setup and configure to […]


This is something that has been irritating me for a while now, I like to remove and force removal of the www. in front of all websites that I own and host. However the only examples I have ever found online use the domain name in the re-write rule. Which means that every .htaccess file […]


Quantum Web is now called Quantum Network & Promotions. PLEASE SEE THE LATEST POST – THIS IS OLD NEWS.   I first heard of this last night, but this morning it is finally verified. Quantum Web Solutions are now in liquidation! What a surprise this is?… not. So I wonder if the company is going to […]

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