Disclaimer: All the information contained in this blog post is already publically available at the time of writing, I do not claim to know what is going on and information on here is of my own understand and of those who have contacted me. Right okay, so I’ve been getting some emails the last few days from […]


The company that was mentioned here before has contact me and expressed that they are in no way connected with Quantum and are only seeking to help clients affected by the companies liquidation. I have also been asked to remove this post, so in light of this I have made some careful edits. I have […]


**UPDATED** Looking For Quantum or Tovuti hosting with support?With Resplace Hosting you can get all the support you need to continue running your Quantum/Tovuti based CMS system. Check out the pricing now and contact me personally for more information.   Early last week I was given some disturbing news, Quantum Web Solutions/Quantum Network & Promotions […]


Quantum Web is now called Quantum Network & Promotions. PLEASE SEE THE LATEST POST – THIS IS OLD NEWS.   I first heard of this last night, but this morning it is finally verified. Quantum Web Solutions are now in liquidation! What a surprise this is?… not. So I wonder if the company is going to […]


So again I’m here apologising for not blogging recently, quite allot has happened the last several months and my life has been a little unstable until recently. Obviously I have continued my development work but just haven’t had the time (or wanted) to blog about my life. So lets start from the beginning, those who […]