Anyone who has played Unreal Tournament GOTY (UT99) with the Strangelove Mutator and played online, should have heard of this server! Back 5 years ago it was the best Strangelove server by far, with people playing it regularly. Back then me and my friend UT MULLER (as named in the game), used to play on […]


If you’re looking for some good software that enables you to search within files on your PC, then look no further! PRGrep is Linux software gone Windows, it offers you many tools to enable you to search within files. It doesn’t have a fancy interface, it’s easy to use and it searches files extremely fast! […]


I see this time and time again – someone gets a virus on their PC, calls their “techie” friend who immediately goes “oh yeah – I can remove this…”. The “techie” removes some start-up program entries that run the offending EXE – runs some slightly more suspicious “.bat” files that apparently help remove the root […]

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