The whole website has just undergone a makeover! Our new theme named Tenebris Lemma (which means “Dark Theme” in Latin) is now the default theme (it has been available since Wednesday in the themes section). Firstly, if you do not see the new theme yet then that’s because either your browser has cached the site. […]


The other week I bought a new domain name “”, today I managed to finally get it attached to my hosting provider (dumb me!). The new domain will hopefully be home to a new service I’m hoping to set up. I don’t want to give too much away, but basically the site will be a […]


Good morning, some of you may have noticed about a week ago that the theme of changed to a Halloween styled theme. However you may have also noticed that the theme was an out-dated v1 theme, the switch occurred because of a neat little feature I built into resplace some years ago, basically you […]

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