Updated 15/09/2017 If like me you have a serious problem with recurring SPAM by companies who just keep emailing you asking you if you have read their previous email and that the “great proposal” they made before is still available; then you may be looking to block email addresses by domain name. This sort of […]


Quite a few years ago I was having difficulty with sending HTML emails, on some clients they worked fine but for others they would come through all garbled. so I decided to research a correct approach, which I implemented into a function. A little while later I wanted to also send file attachments in the […]


Normally I would not support such an activity as this, as it is obviously going to cause some serious downtime, but because it’s the government and also because I completely agree with the reasons behind doing it! I will make an exception…. So the government want to store everyone’s emails in one huge, dirty, big […]

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