Anyone familiar with Android will know that USB Debug Mode is required in order for any external device (such as a Desktop PC) to communicate with your Android phone allowing for third party services to access and control your device (such as ADB). However on some devices such as Samsung S3, this feature is missing […]


Firstly, if your a Web Developer, then, like me you get extremely annoyed when having to fix JavaScript and working with slow FTP or an external client – unlike HTML and CSS, JavaScript cannot be edited on the fly, neither are there any useful tools for modifying the JavaScript ready for a page load/reload. Similarly, […]


Quantum Web is now called Quantum Network & Promotions. PLEASE SEE THE LATEST POST – THIS IS OLD NEWS.   I first heard of this last night, but this morning it is finally verified. Quantum Web Solutions are now in liquidation! What a surprise this is?… not. So I wonder if the company is going to […]

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