suLLy’s Friendly Strangelove server (Unreal Tournament 99)

Anyone who has played Unreal Tournament GOTY (UT99) with the Strangelove Mutator and played online, should have heard of this server! Back 5 years ago it was the best Strangelove server by far, with people playing it regularly.

Back then me and my friend UT MULLER (as named in the game), used to play on the server quite often, then we both got busy with college, work etc and played it more and more rarely.

I remember a few years ago it was still up and I joined only to find BOTS playing, BOTS!!! anyway off and on I would enter and find other player – so it seemed the user base was falling…

Then one day it VANISHED! And I cant find any news on what happened to it or where it went! Does anyone know what became of this server and if anyone has a backup of it? I would love to waste money bringing it back up online.

Anyone who has not played UT99 here is a video I made a while ago which shows me testing some crazy mutators:

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