Secure Data Destruction on Mobile Devices

Over the last couple of years our devices have been able to do more and more, especially when it comes to the latest 3d games and HD technologies, however as our devices have gotten more powerful, they have also become more usable for every day tasks such as email and banking.

Our phones are now taking on more and more sensitive tasks such as banking, satellite navigation and more, if this data was to get in to the  wrong hands it could be disastrous, just consider what sort of data may be on your device right now:

  • Bank Details (PayPal, Google Checkout etc).
  • Personal Photo’s (Daughter, son, family, yourself).
  • Personal Messages (texts, emails, voice memo’s, notes, calendar events).
  • Website Passwords (facebook, twitter, online email, shops).
  • GPS Location (Whole history of where you have been and when!).
  • Contacts (phone numbers, names, locations!)
  • Videos
  • Much Much More!


All this information is easily recoverable, even if you completely wipe your phone or factory reset. With the right tools data can be recovered because although it is deleted it is still stored on the memory of the phone.

The only way to completely securely remove data from a device is to repeatedly write data over where the real data used to be, this makes it impossible for anyone to be able to recover such data and to use / abuse any information they discover as they see fit.


Recycle your device safely!

Bozowi's new Permanent Data removal service allows you to recycle your device safely in the knowledge that no one will be able to recover and use your data against you, the service guarantee's military grade data erasure, so you can have full confidence that any sensitive information on the phone is completely eradicated.

Permanent data removal services are offered on all devices such as Mobile Phones, Tablets and computers and I believe it is very important for everyone to make sure they utilize this service because bozowi’s new service is a great solution for peace of mind and security, whether you are a company with seriously confidential data, or an individual with sensitive information that could cause harm and/or embarrassment if discovered. With Bozowi’s service you can be confident that your device has been handled with care and all data is removed from the device. Forever!

Why not recycle your phone with Bozowi today and try out the permanent data removal service for yourself!

Recycle your phone with Bozowi Now!

Read more about Bozowi's Permanent Data Removal



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