Deano's Friendly RUST Server

3x Resources, Offline Protection + other mods

Contents / FAQ

How to Join Server?

On the RUST Play Game Interface click "Modded" and then search for "[UK] Deanos Friendly Server" to join into our server.

Join Our Discord

You can join our discord channel where we will be chatting, reporting issues and etc. Here is an invite link:

Donate - Help keep the server

If your feeling generous and have a few bob to spare (even a small donation helps), please consider donating to our PayPal:

Server Rules

Please see our "Server Rules" section.

Unique Server Features

Please see our "Unique Server Features" section.



Server Rules

This will be expanded and defined more clearly soon..

Team Size you can play with teams up to 4 people maximum, this is to minimize the effects to small/solo players in the game, this doesn't mean you cannot collaborate with others, talk to or share with, but please be sensible, dont raid in massive groups, keep the game fair for everyone.

Cheating is strictly not allowed, this doesnt need any definition, anything that isnt standard to the game IS CHEATING and will be dealt with.

PVP/PVM This server is geared up with various NPC events, however it is still a PVP game, so yes kill each other, loot each other raid each other, but we actively promote a friendly attitude, dont be toxic. dont camp people, dont grief and dont piss people off. Please.


Unique Server Features

This server is modded to provide some tweaks to game play and to make things more fun, please have a good read so that you can get the most out of our server!

  • Events
    The server will randomly spawn various player events for you to enjoy, I've listed these below with some information:

    • Paratroopers is a fun event where a cargo plane will fly across the map and drop a bunch of troopers who will parachute to the ground, from there onwards they will roam around and shoot at anyone nearby, kill them to get some nice loot.
    • Dangerous Treasures is a fun event where rockets will drop from the sky at a random location (away from player bases) this in turn opens up a dome where troops appear to protect a treasure chest, killing the troops give you a score, become the top scorer for a prize, kill all troops to be able to loot the chest!
    • Pilot Eject Is much like the patrol helicopter as in a heli will spawn in trouble (visible in the fact that it is on fire and struggling to fly), you can shoot the heli and finish it off or there is a high chance that the heli will lose control and crash. When this happens a team of npcs will parachute out and protect the loot littered around the floor.
  • Helpful Features
    There are a few features to make all our lives easier.

    • Active Sort On Furnaces when you have a furnace open you will see a sort button just below the panel, whack your resources in and click sort to magically separate resources correctly and evenly, you can also tap the sort button to collect out any produced resources and resort based on whats remaining.
    • Anti-Offline Raid feature enforces our ethos of dulling down the raiding aspect of the game, no one wants to get raided! So within about 5 minutes of being offline you are immediately protected , for a set amount of hours, if your offline too long the protection will run out or even go against you, here are the figures:
      • 0-1 HourProtectedNo Damage.
      • 1-5 HourProtectedwith damage set to 10% of normal.
      • 5-10 HoursProtectedwith damage set to 20% of normal.
      • 10-15 HoursProtectedwith damage set to 40% of normal.
      • 15-24 HoursProtectedwith damage set to 80% of normal.
      • 24-48 Hours (1-2 Days) Normal Damage.
      • 48-72 Hours (2-3 Days)unprotectedwith damage set to 120% of normal.
      • 72-96 Hours (3-4 Days)unprotectedwith damage set to 140% of normal.
      • 96-120 Hours (4-5 Days)unprotectedwith damage set to 160% of normal.
      • 120+ Hours (5+ days)unprotectedwith damage set to 200% of normal.
    • Water Catcher Boost The games items for catching water are so so so slow, so we have increased the speed in which water is collected, we live in a very wet climate ;)
    • Skulled When you kill animals or other players you will get a skull timer, this alerts all other players to your aggression.
    • Resource Gathering Adjustments 3x gathering wood, rock, sulfur and metal ore with boosts to smelting speeds across all resources. There are also boosts to resource gathering mines etc.
    • Auto Doors within about 20 minutes any doors you left open will automatically close, you can change the setting to a timeout of your own by walking up to a door and opening the chat interface, type /ad s 60 for 60 seconds, you can enter a value between 5 - 3600 seconds.
    • Vote Day allows all current players to vote to skip night.
    • Smelting Speed is increased 3x normal.
    • Magic Panel a panel of various useful information appears on the bottom of your screen, including showing your skull time as mentioned above, showing your current grid location and some icons for various events.
    • FuelAlarm will warn you when your vehicle is running out of fuel!
    • SAM Site Auth No longer will your SAM Site attack your team, anyone TC will be safe from harm
    • SAM/Turret vs Patrol Heli Your SAM/Turret sites can now attack the Patrol Helicopter, your welcome.
    • Moveable CCTV how stupid is it that your CCTV sticks to a wall motionless pointing at you when placed, now you dont have to worry because you can move your CCTV to any position from the computer using W A S D.
  • Buy Vehicles Panel
    The buy panel allows you to buy various vehicles at cost in scrap, type at anytime /buy on your chat interface for a list of items and cost. Make sure you have the amount of scrap in your inventory as required and simply type the command of the item you wish to purchase. You can then use /spawn with the item name to spawn your purchased item to you. If you leave your heli somewhere you can pull it to your location with /recall