The whole website has just undergone a makeover! Our new theme named Tenebris Lemma (which means “Dark Theme” in Latin) is now the default theme (it has been available since Wednesday in the themes section).

Firstly, if you do not see the new theme yet then that’s because either your browser has cached the site. Or because you visited the site about 10 minutes before the new theme update was rolled out (we rolled out a smaller update which takes the default theme and sets it to the theme cookie for compatibility reasons with our live help). The old theme would have been set as if you had set that theme in the “themes” section. To change the theme to the new theme just go here and select the top theme:

You may be asked to login if you are not already, we’re working on a fix now for this.

So if you have not noticed, the new theme closely resembles our blog theme. We have also done some changes to the blog theme but lets not get into that.

We hope you like the new theme!

Author: Dean WilliamsI'm a Web Developer, Graphics Designer and Gamer, this is my personal site which provides PHP programming advice, hints and tips

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