Raileasy work!

So I’ve started a new job working for Raileasy, which is a train ticket sales company.

My first job here is to work on a system called Eurostar, it will allow customers to book eurostar train travel tickets. One of the major features I have been working on is a feature which constantly checks all the fields of a form and makes sure you have met the requirements, anything that hasn't been filled in correctly shows up in red so that you can instantly see which fields you MUST fill in.

This is designed to make it easier on the customer, they know as there filling the form in whether they are inputting required information. And if something is missing the form can bring attention to it.



Note: I know the design sucks! It has nothing to do with me, nice 60’s look.

So yeah, from the first screenshot you can see I’m doing date checks, I had to make sure you wasn’t returning before you were departing. I also had to limit the calendar so that you could only book 12 weeks in advance if your depart station was in the UK and 16 weeks if your depart station was in France.

This all works nicely, and now it’s being tested by the bug testing team.


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