Raileasy is a site for booking train tickets on-line, they provide several ticketing services such as single way travel, return travel and they are beginning to expand into Eurostar and hotel accommodation.

As well as running a front-facing website for customers, they also provide an affiliate system where other websites can earn commission by using the mobile website url.

I was tasked with applying the individual styles to the affiliate sites for the companies we were working with.

The sites were styled to work in all major browsers and a browser identification script was also developed that clients could implement into their main sites that would redirect them to the mobile site if they visited the site using a mobile device, crucially though the script was developed to allow them to browse the full site if they chose to.

Project Name:

Raileasy Mobile Affiliates

Project Details:

  • June 19, 2012
  • Dean Williams


  • html, css, JavaScript, ColdFusion


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