House Number Signs

housenumbersigns is an eCommerce website owned and operated by Black Country Metal Works, the website was constructed using an Open Source eCommerce platform called OSCommerce - however there were several enhancements that were needed to the system.


Overall Changes

I was instructed that the theme of the website was lacking, the header did not show any contact details, the menu was missing a contact page and meet the team which the company felt was important.
I was given an image with the text "order on-line or call xxx" - I was not happy with the quality of the image as you will see on the website but they insisted this is exactly what they wanted and had no better quality image.
I modified the site, cleaned up the theme where possible and added the new menu items, this required me to set-up a new page for the "meet the team".

I was also asked to make changes to the HTML of the site as there were a large number of errors, I met all HTML 4.01 Transitional requirements, made sure headers included meta titles and descriptions and meta keywords (this was back when google liked keywords).



The homepage was constructed in such a way that it was hard coded, there was no possibility to change the content or add/remove "offers" or anything else to the homepage, it was a static product categories page. I modified the homepage as instructed so that a short passage could be added (and amended when required from admin). Also I implemented a changeable "offers this week" and "customer comments", The offers this week was modified further to include a "was/now" pricing structure which I styled also so that it was easily recognisable by visitors (old price grey text with a strike-through, new price bold and red).

I changed the site so the menu would appear on the left hand side of the screen.


Meet the team

The meet the team page originally had many more employees and has since been shortened, because there were so many staff members when I originally created this page I thought it was best to create a database table of the employees, their role and their image path. This was programatically imported from a list provided to speed up the work of adding everything.
Again this list was editable within the OSCommerce administration panel.

House Number Signs Homepage

House Number Signs Homepage

House Number Signs Meet the Team

House Number Signs Meet the Team

Project Name:

House Number Signs

Project Details:

  • February 21, 2010
  • Dean Williams


  • PHP, MySQL, CSS, Javascript, OSCommerce


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