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Population + Site Changes

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Good mourning, it has been quite  long time since my last blog posting!

In recent days I have been getting back to my old game programming tendencies :) Working on a game called “Population”.

Population is a Sim City like game set in a isometric view point, the game will have a slightly different perspective on game play compared to Sim City though, the aim of the game will be to build up a healthy population whilst maintaining city services and entertainment.

There will be a free play mode where you can just build whatever you want (some objects unlocked playing the missions). And a missions mode where you build a city and complete achievements – Going up levels and unlocking new objects!

The game is coming along nicely, I’ve just finished working on a method for locating objects on the map without having an object for each block (memory killer!). This is working but now I’ve bottlenecked the drawing system so I have another plan – To draw canvases and monitor screen changes, problem is that some objects will require animations so I will have to check and include ways around that by direct-drawing those objects onto the screen. This will hopefully make the game more responsive when large city’s are built :)

Once this is done I will start working on a method for creating statistics for the population and objects, still got to design and create the menu system and create a city map which will be an exciting thing to work on :)

As for the website, I’m going to clean it up some more and start a new section which will house all projects that are not in a stable release yet. This will allow me to show off all my little projects and get fame / appreciation from them :)

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Later :)

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