Pico Mause - My Public Apology

On December the 14, 2011 I shared a post on this blog, in fact this very post you may be reading right now. Back then me and my (still) girlfriend were very big on computer games, we were very familiar with a game called Minecraft which we spent many hours playing together when we lived apart. But that isnt what this post was about...

One day we decided to watch MineCon, with much excitement and anticipation I might add, we wanted to find out what new and exciting things were coming from MineCon, and of course from the developers of Minecraft.

A lady called Pico Mause was the main focus of this event, which we both found personally very annoying, very patronising and it just seemed she was there to try make it "cool" for girls being gamers, as if it was a status to be made or something extraordinary to be dazzled about. OR even worse just doing it for the money, ruining MineCon for a chance to be "that girl gamer".

Unfortunately that led me to a mistake, I personally vindicated Pico Mause for doing a job she was paid for, whether I liked her or not, or whether she was a gamer for real or just a fake, she was doing a job. It was not my intention to personally attack Pico Mause in a sense that I didn't think many people would see it, and I didn't think about the content that I had written down too much before or after I dropped it into a post.

However this is exactly what this post boiled down to, I personally attacked and shamed her on this blog when as a person who uses the internet every day, I should know better, this blog was not popular or frequented back when I made this post, but that is not an excuse. And although I have a right to my own opinion, it does not make it right to go ahead and write a pile of dog shit about a girl I don't even know, right or wrong as the information may be, I'm sure there is much more to Pico Mause than what I have seen or in fact what anyone has seen outside of her own personal life.

So this is now for record, to show how much of an asshole I am in general, and how mistakes can be made, even when you realise you have made them you may think they are or were harmless, but ultimately they can have wide reaching consequences.

My apologies extend to Pico Mause, who I hear is very popular on twitch, you should check her out if you're into that sort of thing, personally I can't stand watching people play or talk about games as they play them and prefer to have my own journey and experience, but twitch is apparently very popular these days for streaming gameplay experiences for those that are into that sort of thing.


My Original Post for Reference:

Afternoon people,

Today I’m going to rant about something that really concerns me, it really does show that I’m a little sad but who cares right?

So anyway, this Pico Mause who has been covering Minecraft at the recent Minecon, people have been talking about how great she is and how good it is to see a girl gamer on the scene.

Well I say NO to that, firstly she is one of the most annoying girls I have ever seen, lets not forget this is in an edited video so she probably is 10x worse than the video portrays.

Secondly she is NOT a girl gamer, not in the least. If you pay enough attention when she has a go of Minecraft you can tell from her awkward posture and crummy control handling, she doesn't game much ATALL, and if she does then Viva Piñata is probably her game of choice.
She's just a girl who is being paid to do a job and to act interested, she even makes a terrible attempt at making out she was excited to see Notch right at the very start of the video (link below), I mean come on can’t anyone see how fake this girl is?


The infamous Pico and her annoying self.


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So what? She's hot, thats the only reason people defend her. And she's nice.

hot .. u dont get out much do u , not saying shes ugly but shes far from "hot" im with ya all the way mr deano

Cynic much?
You are making a conclusion on a very short and unrepresentative video. Check out her Twitch account and you'll notice she is indeed a gamer. A PC gamer. That's probably why her handling of the control doesn't meet your criteria.

I find it humorous that a guy who watches video game videos is complaining about a girl "gamer". Someone who probably hasn't touched a boob in their life. Grow up. If you didn't spend the majority of your time behind your computer screen, you too could go out and do something productive like making videos for people to watch.

Clearly I'm the "idiot" here. I know all I need to know about you from your blog post. Someone who sits at a computer and shits on other people for self gain. Cheers at your rather pathetic life.

From a girls perspective she is who every "girl who plays games" hates - shes an apparent cutey self obsessed gamer girl.......BULLSHIT. Im guessing she had to ask who Notch was before she did this interview, and shes probably acting exciting because hes another man she can woo with her awesome "personality" and "hobbies" *cough* she'll probly use her tits. Its sad that just because shes a female presenter everyone thinks shes awesome, the coverage she gives in this video is shocking, a monkey could do better, most of the video she is trying to be cute and in my… Read more »

i just wanted to see picos tits for a quick jerk, interesting read...

I just wanna say your opinion is your opinion... But she plays a game called world of tanks I've gotten to play with actually she lives streams her playing also. Not to mention world of tanks takes way more skill to play then Minecraft I've played both. Now my final statement is would you like someone hating on you all over the internet with non supported facts and opinions that are shallow? If you don't got anything nice to sy don't say it at all.

Damn, never seen someone so upset about someone having a career you'd love to have. Jealously is a dangerous thing. You should probably talk to someone to get a better outlet for your feelings and anger problems, but that's just me.

Okay firstly why would I want to work for Microsoft? If you read about me at all or even glanced at some of the material of this site you would appreciate the fact that I'm a very big lover of Open Source material, so no jealously far from it... Secondly do you know how old this post now is? very VERY old... I mean seriously brother? I have no strung out feelings of this girl, I just saw allot of crazy about girls being into games, which btw is nothing special, not even in the slightest, and then I see… Read more »

Okay, I have to clarify this "hand fact", and the idea that I am totally fake. There's a big difference between playing games at home in your underwear (guilty), and playing them on camera; to ensure that the people whom are watching at home will be able to see and learn about the product. I also have to ask questions for the most general audience, questions that I already know the answer to. I understand why I may come across as a flake, but that says nothing about who I am when I get home in the evening. I implore… Read more »

Did you delete a load of your comments? I have them in email but they don't appear on this article for some reason. Like I said nothing personal, this was a rant, over 4 years ago I might add and me and my girlfriend (both gamers) hated the way you portrayed women in gaming, and those videos were pretty annoying, probably a mixture of general annoyance but also cultural as being British I do not get along with the American way of expression too much. But all in all I never meant it to be a negative impact on your… Read more »

Yes I did delete a few, was trying to figure which ones were going through. I'm glad to see that this one landed. Figured out the problem was adding anything that looked like a hyperlink. You are definitely entitled to your opinion, but I have an alternative for you -- I've actually left one of my gaming jobs because of the constant pressure to look like a 'real gamer girl', due to limited comments and articles like these. Me being who I am: the friendly, somewhat awkward, average woman, is a real gamer. The fact that you assumed that I… Read more »

Thanks for taking the time to reach out and updating the article. I'm glad this part of our past can be laid to rest, and I look forward to facebook stalking you for years to come ;)