Perspectivate is a new project I've been working on which will take a flat boring image and apply some perspective by tilting it away from the screen. The project was started simply because I wanted to generate software project snapshots when your on a product web page, such as EmoteMaker for instance.

Originally I was going to develop it for personal use, but because of the time it took to actually get it running smoothly, and how awesome it works, I decided to make it a publicly usable piece of software.

The software will eventually be able to create tilted images like the one your about to see and box art for software box's, it will be a paid service either pay monthly for unlimited use or pay per project (per image upload with unlimited alterations). The software will store and keep your projects and will also allow you to setup "templates" so you can output a batch of images with the same settings!

Here is a preview of the work in progress, not much to see right now as far as GUI but all the logic is working :)

Perspectivate Development Snapshot

Perspectivate Development Snapshot

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