No new xbox console planned for a while–why I’m not disappointed!

I read today on newsbeat that there are no plans from Microsoft to release a new xbox console anytime soon, the US company confirmed this at the E3 Expo, which is an annual video game conference in LA.

However newsbeat goes on to say that “Video game players were hoping that Microsoft would unveil an upgrade” and “It's a bit of a blow for gamers that Microsoft has flat out denied that there'll be a new Xbox at E3, because people are getting a bit bored of the existing consoles and there's a hunger for change.”.

However I completely disagree with these statements, any REAL gamer right now will recognise that the Xbox 360 is just perfect in every single way, it has great graphics and processing abilities, great online functionality and most importantly THE best controller ever designed. Also anyone looking for ridiculously good graphics and the latest technology will simply be using the PC as these are by far the best tool for keeping up – because you can simple upgrade component by component as new technologies are produced.

I’m EXTREMELY thankful that there is not going to be a new Xbox console, who wants a new console over new games? Gamers should be worrying about new games if they are indeed “gamers”, not in having something completely new so they can keep up with the “I’ve got the latest thing” fad.

Oh… And just to mention it because I’m really EXCITED, I cannot wait to get the new Xbox SmartGlass – it’s going to be osome!!

Original newsbeat article I’m flaming about:

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