National "cc all your e-mails to Theresa May" Day

Normally I would not support such an activity as this, as it is obviously going to cause some serious downtime, but because it’s the government and also because I completely agree with the reasons behind doing it! I will make an exception….

So the government want to store everyone’s emails in one huge, dirty, big database somewhere so they can snoop on all our private activity for the purpose of “national security” – because hey were overrun with terrorism over here in Britain…

/sarcasm/*bang*…. shit there goes another bomb!! that one was close… /sarcasm/

What really infuriates me even more is I just know its going to be a PostgreSQL or AODB … gah, I can barely take talking about it…. ugghh!

But yeah humour aside, check out this facebook group and in 4 days forward all your incoming / outgoing (or as someone suggested just your SPAM) to Theresa May and other government bodies, to save them the trouble of having to scrap emails from us Winking smile

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