More Emoticon Library Enhancements!

Today I have been improving the Emoticon Library by integrating some new features and enhancements. Quite a few of the changes will be unnoticeable right now and are internal changes ready for upcoming features.

There are changes you will notice though, I have done some work on the Categories and Sets lists shown at the bottom of the page, I (all administrators) can now set default category icons by selecting an emoticon from each category and defining it the “front cover”. Right now the part for setting up the Sets icons is not finished but it is almost there…

I’ve also changed some of the template when viewing a category/set, you now see the name at the top of the page in a heading, with a description shown below it. Soon this will also show (for sets) a sets image (like a box art) to the left of the description, with ability to download the whole set.

I’ve also done some administration changes and updated all the admin panels. Everything’s looking groovy!

And yes these features will soon become accessible through the API, meaning an update to the SMF Emoticons Plugin.

As a side note, you may have noticed I’ve been uploading some Halloween theme emoticons for pleasure, I hope you all find them useful /funny Smile


Off subject…

Hopefully this post should now appear as a news item on the resplace forums as well as on Facebook and twitter, linking back to this blog, which is going to be really neat as it will make me use the blog as more of a central location for posting updates Smile

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