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Right, so I’ve had a MASSIVE response to my blog posts about Quantum Web Solutions going into liquidation and I must thank everyone who has come forward to share their stories and especially for contributing information to help others.

So for those that are not aware and/or have not read my other blog posts, let me just give you a quick story / history on the companies in the title.

Linesave started as a small Web Development company in Shrewsbury, unfortunately it went into liquidation and was “bought” out by Quantum Web Solutions, which resided in the same office building with the same staff and the same management until it too had an unfortunate demise, also liquidating, and again being “bought” out by a company called Quantum Network & Promotions

This in itself looks a little fishy, but it’s not until you speak with clients / ex staff of these companies you begin to realise how many people they have let down over the years. From unfulfilled promises, badly coded / rushed websites, half the features that were promised and way way way past the original deadline, I have heard many stories, and I believe I have only scratched the surface…

For those that do not know, I worked at Quantum Web Solutions for over 9 months, witnessing there highly unprofessional approach to Web Development, lack of organisation, and many many unhappy customers. At least three quarters of the company was dedicated to new customers / sales. With the final quarter actually working on existing websites. What was most worrying was the MASSIVE amount of bug reports and other general problems clients had which the company barely spent time working on.

The Update…

As I said in the opening paragraph, such a huge response from people, some have been waiting months / years without their website being completed, where as others have been charged for services and not received anything thanks to the liquidation of the company after purchase. Others have in fact got their website functioning with Quantum but are not happy due to bad service, buggy websites and missing features, and yet more customers have reported how Quantum have contacted them asking if they wish to upgrade to the new Tovuti system offered by Quantum Network & Promotions, even though there old sites are incomplete / unsatisfactory and the company they are with are liquidated!!

Take a look at the overwhelming response from people on my previous blog posts:

> Quantum Web In Liquidation!
> Quantum Web Solutions – The art of misleading Clients and the resulting damage it’s causing!

It looks to me like Quantum Umbrella have a new company in full swing, the only thing I and many other people are worried about is: Will they do the same as they did with the previous 2 companies!?!

I can confirm that the company is:

  1. At the same address as the previous companies.
  2. Has EXACTLY the same management.
  3. Office didn't even close / lose furniture or anything.
  4. Has EXACTLY the same staff.
  5. Is selling the SAME website system just with ‘improvements’.

Should I?

If your thinking of spending money with Quantum Web then you do not need me to tell you what my personal opinion is. I think it is quite clear and if you do decide to have your website with them, then all I can say is Good Luck!.

BEING FAIR: There HAS been some good websites emerge from Quantum Web, yes I know that is surprising, and it wasn’t an easy achievement for the client or the employee’s (lets not forget most of the employees at Quantum really do work hard to try and meet the clients requirements and expectations and all the problems stem from management). One of which I worked on in the past, was featured on Dragons Den and is doing pretty good for itself (although I have heard that the site is being re-built by another company for reasons that are not disclosed).


I’ve been informed by a close friend today that a “spin off” company has been setup by Quantum called Twipple – A SEO company that boasts about how great their services are?

I would also like to point out (don't know whether to be amused or shocked), that in the fader as you scroll down the page they have a heading that reads “Step 1: Test the foundations” – the photo in the background is the foundations of the World Trade Centre??? I’m pretty sure it is… How sick is that?

Your Stories

Again just like on the other blog posts, I’m looking for your opinions and stories, just post your details in the comment box below, make sure you give me a legitimate email address if possible (this will not feature on the site and only to me) – you can give a bogus name and not provide a website URL if you wish.

Oh and if you don't want your comments to appear to anyone else at all and only to me then please put “IN CONFIDENCE” as the first line of the comment, or just email me directly at:

I’m particularly looking for people who have worked with or are in the process of working with the new Quantum Network & Promotions company, and those who need advice etc. are also welcome.

Moving from Quantum

As I said in my last blog post, you can easily leave Quantum if you are unhappy/unsure with their services, email me if you are thinking of doing this and need help doing so, or help hosting your Quantum Web website.

And finally to those who have moved there website from Quantum, perhaps you need hosting or bug/fixes or coding work, contact me in the comments and perhaps I can help.

Author: Dean WilliamsI'm a Web Developer, Graphics Designer and Gamer, this is my personal site which provides PHP programming advice, hints and tips

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Dude, having worked in software development for ten years that seems like a special corner of hell (that I have lived in a few times myself). My experience has been that this type of thing is usually caused from sales/marketing not knowing a thing about development.

There seems to be this vicious cycle of over promising, under budgeting, and quoting short deadlines. The developer isn't happy because he can't build quality work, and the customer isn't happy because what they end up with is not what they were promised.

Hi Dean,

We have spoken before when you worked at Quantum about our website created by Linesave and still hosted by Quantum.

Would you be able to give me a call on *number hidden* as regards 'moving' the site to another hosting service?

Hi Deano, I've read all your blogs about Quantum Web/Linesave which have been quite shocking but at the same time very helpful as to reconsider from having further work carried out by them. I had my second e-commerce website re-designed by Linesave in 2009 and apart from few initial persistent bugs which to be fair to them were successfully fixed followed by few problems with their server. I've been approached by Quantum Network & Promotions several times in the space of 2 days with regard to the law change - use of cookies. The first email warning me that I… Read more »

Hi Dean, Quantum are developing my site and have to admit it has taken ages for what is a basic e-commerce site using their tovuti platform. I have only paid a small deposit. I hope they finish my website because alot of work has gone into it from my side and theirs and it would be such a shame to start again. However, now that the company is being liquidated I am not sure if I want their new company to host my site. I would really appreciate your advice on hosting elsewhere. How does this work? Would I still… Read more »

Hey Dean,

I could use some advice on how to move my site away from Quantum.....any help would be appreciated!


Quantum Network and Promotions have actually gone completely bust and sacked all the staff. This was confirmed last week.

Hi ....I am also a victim of Quantum.

I writing to alert people that Quantum network and promotions are now passing themselves off as tazamo.

I just received an email asking me 'I understand you have been looking for a website....' are based in Shrewsbury and a quick check on companies house allowed me to discover that tazamo LTD are registered to the same address as Quantum. There previous trading name was 'QUAMNICO LTD'!!!!

Avoid this scum at all costs.

Little bit of news. They've yet again started ANOTHER company, this time called Tazamo - there new site is and a domain name lookup reveals domain is on quantum namesevers and registered by "Unknown".

Cant be good at all - warn anyone you know about them, they are immoral and shameless.

We are having terrible problems getting hold of anyone at the company. If it helps anyone though I have tracked down someone to talk to about our site through Tazamo's contact number 01743 454988.

hi dose any now if the police are investigation in to
quantum or what is happen

Hello my website which i paid linesave or quantum web solutions to build has gone down.Iam being asked to pay hundreds of pounds to get my website back up and running by a company known as Irun.Please advise how i can get my website back up and running do i need new host or server? what should it cost to resolve the problems quantum web have caused.Does anyone know were directors of quantum web can be found because i would like to pay them a visit.

Its really remarkable that they get away with it. Has nobody challenged this? Has anybody taken the company owners to court? Surely, this is illegal activity....