Indent by Fold for Notepad++ not installing since last update

Indent By Fold in action

For those who don't know what Notepad++ is, it’s a light-weight text editor with built in syntax highlighting for a multitude of programming languages and various other tools.

The best thing about Notepad++ is it’s plugin features, you can easily browse, install and uninstall a variety of community created plugins, this is especially useful as you can decide what features you want in your editor to keep it clean and light weight.


Indent By Fold

I regard this as one of the most useful of the third-party plug-ins, Indent By Fold will re-organise the tabs in your code for you automatically, helping you keep your source code clean and friendly.

The problem is that Indent By Fold will not install using the Plugin Manager in any of the recent updates to Notepad++, so your options are to either use an older version of Notepad++ or fortunately if you install the plugin manually it works!


Installing Manually

Download Indent By Fold below, unfortunately it is no longer available as a compiled package on Google Code or Github, but I have packed up the required files for you - all I ask for is £2 for making your life easier and providing this great article!


Download IndentByFold

Click the link below to download this file:


All you need to do is place the DLL file in the package into your Notepad++ plugins folder, which is usually located:

64-bit systems: C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\Plugins\
32-bit systems: C:\Program Files\Notepad++\Plugins\

You can find the source files to compile it yourself at this link:


Versions Affected

All versions of Notepad++ where Indent By Fold will not install using the Package Manager, but will work with the DLL above:

version 6.7.5
version 6.7.4
version 6.7.3
version 6.7.2
version 6.7.1
version 6.7
version 6.6.9
version 6.6.8
version 6.6.7
version 6.6.6
version 6.6.4
version 6.6.3
version 6.6.2
version 6.6.1
version 6.6
version 6.5.5
version 6.5.4
version 6.5.3
version 6.5.2
version 6.5.1
version 6.5
version 6.4.5
version 6.4.4
version 6.4.3
version 6.4.2
version 6.4.1

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Thank you! I've had to use this a few times to get Indent By Fold to work recently (new drives). This solution works well. I can't hardly live without it either :~}

Thank you, it works! Best plugin ever!

Thanks so much; didn't realize that the libraries could just be dumped to the plugins folder!
Missing this plugin for the last little while has severely disrupted my workflow; having it back is great.

Thanks again!


Hey! I can't find the dll file in the package you've linked. Do I need to compile the project myself or do you know where I can find the dll?

Thanks! Big Thanks!

Thank You!