How to connect to Minecraft server from school/work

Today I had a major life threatening problem. I could not connect to my Minecraft server because the company who manages the internet connection for my workplace had blocked!

So as you could imagine, upon realising this I was instantly hit with depression and sadness… After a few minutes though I became determined to find a way around the problem, and I’m glad I wasted my lunch because I have found a way to connect without using proxies and without doing anything nasty to the company blocking the site.


This guide assumes that the actual server you want to connect to is not blocked i any way and that the only problem you have is is blocked (stopping the session authentication on the server connections screen). If you comment your problems I can perhaps help further with any other issues disabling you from minecraft.

The method?

So just to quickly explain the method I have taken to circumvent my problem.

Basically after logging into minecraft using the desktop software and selecting “connect to server” you are faced with your server list. Clicking in my server would result in a “403 error while connecting to”.

My idea was simple, figure out what the response usually is from and then redirect the page to my local http server which would just spill out the response minecraft was looking for.

So I went to the url minecraft gave me in a browser (on my home pc) and it returned simply “OK”. So that was easy to replicate. Then all I had to do was put my server into “offline” mode as when I login my username isn't authenticated and thus my server would kick me out. Once this was setup I was away and I can connect now without any trouble.

Step 1: HTTP Server

The first thing you are going to need to do is install a HTTP server so you can do the response required by Minecraft.

Download EasyPHP and install it on your computer, it is usually installed at C:/Program Files/EasyPHP/ So I will refer to this directory from now on. You will need to make sure the server is configured to run on port 80!

Once installed go to the EasyPHP directory and find /www/ in there create this file (including directory's) game/joinserver.jsp.

Open this file in Notepad and type “OK” and click save. Make sure there are no spaces or anything else.

Now make sure your server is running and working by going to: http://localhost/game/joinserver.jsp

When this is working and you see “OK” in your browser you are ready to continue to the next stage.

Step 2: Windows HOSTS file

You will now need to edit the windows hosts file so that any requests to actually goes to your localhost webserver instead!

Find your hosts file at this location:


Open this file in a text editor and add the following line:

Click save and now test that it is working by going to Firefox and typing:

You should see “OK” which will mean that it is working correctly! If it is please move to the next step.

Step 3: Server Configuration

Your server now needs to allow non-authenticated users onto your server (warning anyone using any username can now access your server as you or as inexistent usernames). All you need to do is edit and edit the following line:

online-mode = true


online-mode = false


You have now circumvented your restrictions and can now play on your Minecraft server!! Please comment if this was useful and helped you! Smile


P.S. This is how I got around SonicWall which had blocked minecraft and I couldn't play.

Author: Dean WilliamsI'm a Web Developer, Graphics Designer and Gamer, this is my personal site which provides PHP programming advice, hints and tips

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Thanks Deano! Great post. I have almost successfully set up my school minecraft server, however like you have stated, I am having trouble with the user authentification process. I can actually access through my browser, however my minecraft client cannot! No info in the loadup screen and no user auth! Any ideas?

just pu localhost in your server ip

Although I know I'm late to the party, I have one little question I'm wondering if you could help me out with:

After following all of your instructions, both and load up with a "could not connect".

However, and work perfectly fine.

Does that strange 8887 mean that I have done something wrong/have something else to do, or should this work perfectly alright as it is now?

Thank you ahead of time if get the chance to reply to this! :razz:

Perfect, brilliant, that did the trick!

Thank you so much, and especially for the quick reply; I was not expecting that on a four-month-old post! :lol:

Is their a way you know of to get around the router ports by changing which ports minecraft uses or something along those lines....mine seems to be blocking me from using those ports on the router. As all servers I normally go on say they are refusing connection. I however can see their online, I tried playing with some firewall settings on the computer but it appears its being dictated by the router.

Whenever I attempt to go check the server by going to the links, it gives me a page that redirects me to the same link just without the "/" between "game"and "join". Have I done something wrong, or will this still work??


When i go here: it's saying: ''OK"'. So that's working fine.

But when i try to connect to a server it keeps connecting.

Any idea how to fix this?

Cant play on proxy because it needs to be updated but cant update because school blocks the site

I'm going to try this out at my school and i'll post back if it works.
I must say this is a very ingenious plan hehehe... :wink:

Hello; I host a Tekkit server at home and use the launcher. My school uses Lightspeed Systems filtering.

I am unable to connect to, and when I try to connect to my server in offline mode, it shows up as on but gives the error; Connection lost

Failed to login:

I don't understand what is happening. Any reccomendations?

download minecraft sp that does the same.

I have minecraft saved to a flash drive, with all files running out of it, when I run minecraft, the launcher opens, but there's not an update page (Easy enough, tumblr is blocked) but it will let me try to log in. There it just sticks and just displays "logging in" I don't really have much need for servers, but I'd like to play in offline mode if possible, servers would just be a bonus. I can't install anything to the computers, and I'm not sure what I can do and not get detected by the school IT Department. Any… Read more »

Where is the file I need to edit located? I have everything else working this is just the last thing I haven't been able to find.

Once installed go to the EasyPHP directory and find /www/ in there create this file (including directory’s) game/joinserver.jsp.

I don't understand this frase. There isn't any folder called www? I have tried to make a folder /game/joinserver.jsp and it still won't work when i try to open the link

Dude you are a genius! Barracuda filter has been driving me crazy. I actually had IIS installed on my machine from SQL Server developer edition and it worked the same as EasyPHP. Mega thanks and keep fighting the good fight! :wink:

hey the links that you gave to help are blocked because my school uses lightspeed. i have minecraft downloaded but it wont let me play online. Help?

I have no clue if you will see this, because the post is over a year old. Anyway, is there a way to get around it so you can access other servers besides yours, even if they have online mode to true?

This freakin didnt work! What operating system are you using?! Windows 7? I use Windows XP! Fuck you! Istead of explaining this on just one operating system, try to explain this setup for a Windows XP machine or Windows 8, you son of a bich!

mincraft is ace but at school they have bloked it. i wish they didnt because i havnt got a computer at home so i cant play on it now. ssssssssssoooooooooooooo annoyed!!!!!...

My minecraft when I'm at school always says this. Failed to Login: The authentication sre currently out of maintenance. It also happens when I'm at home so I know its something on the school-issued laptop I have. The school also won't give us admin rights on the laptops. So is there anything I can possibly do?

I can't close the application running on port 80 because my system is running on port 80.

it still wont work.

I think i know a few students that have some for m of this working still. using outdated launchers, etc. Those crafty bastards! I work IT for a high school...trying to find a way around the top level filter...You are a genius (or were at that time). Also, kudos to your "Fuck you" to the dude who got all pissy. I don't usually rezz old posts, but after reading all the comments I had to say something lol

My work network appears to be the reason I cannot connect to my friend's minecraft server. I connect using my laptop and when I use her wifi or my own wifi, I can access the server. However, when I try to connect using the network at my work, I can browse the internet but I cannot use minecraft. It gives me the following error: " connection timed out: no further information:" Looks to be a very similar problem to the one you described a couple years ago. I try to follow the steps described in the first post, but I… Read more »