Finally after many years and many scrapped projects, the new Resplace site is now taking shape and has begun to take over various aspects of the old domain. Basically I had a resources/geek site called which is very, VERY old now and was built way back when I was quite amateurish at Web Development. […]


Anyone familiar with Android will know that USB Debug Mode is required in order for any external device (such as a Desktop PC) to communicate with your Android phone allowing for third party services to access and control your device (such as ADB). However on some devices such as Samsung S3, this feature is missing […]


Over the last couple of years our devices have been able to do more and more, especially when it comes to the latest 3d games and HD technologies, however as our devices have gotten more powerful, they have also become more usable for every day tasks such as email and banking. Our phones are now […]


I work for a company that offers a recycling service for new / used / broken mobile phones so I work heavily in the mobile phone recycling market. Recently Cash4Phones has been in the spotlight for downgrading their customers devices due to damage that did not exist and for delaying payment to customers that accepted […] A guy named James Shirley, is A very nice guy at first, but then he uses your skills and time and then decides not to pay you what you have both agreed. yup… This is what has happened to me recently, converted a PSD design into a website with javascript interaction recently for Mr […]


Recently I have been working on a project for work that allows customers to book train tickets and a hotel in one package (saving them money), how the system is working is the user first selects there train travel, after which they are shown all the hotels on a Google Map. This map also shows […]