Windows has a very neat hidden feature which is only available for advanced PC users, just like in Linux, the windows file system allows for Junction Points and Symlinks. A Symlink (Symbolic Link) is the ability to place a “folder” which is actually a link to another location on the system such as a folder […]


There is much confusion on the internet when it comes to jQuery and  best practices, this is partly because of large charges between jQuery versions which are easily unnoticed as old methods are usually backwards compatible. However in the case of checking to see if a checkbox is checked, if you use the older methods […]


Some of you may be aware that we recently moved to a new VPS, we noticed today that Snick was not working and so we went ahead and fixed that up. Snick (short-hand for Style Nick) gives you the ability to generate stylish nick names using ASCII characters, try it now! ASCII Style Nickname.


Disclaimer: All the information contained in this blog post is already publically available at the time of writing, I do not claim to know what is going on and information on here is of my own understand and of those who have contacted me. Right okay, so I’ve been getting some emails the last few days from […]


Apologies for the downtime, I’m officially a dumbass… Changed the MySQL database username/passwords last night and forgot to update the WordPress connection information. On another note, we did experience some downtime Monday also, this was due to a technical fault with the MySQL server itself, which was playing up all morning…


parseInt() is an incredibly useful function which is available in some form in all programming languages, however in JavaScript there is one slightly annoying difference… Unlike in other languages which either throw an error or just assume 0 when a string cannot be converted to an integer, parseInt() returns “NaN” which means “Not-a-Number”. This is […]


Today I had a major life threatening problem. I could not connect to my Minecraft server because the company who manages the internet connection for my workplace had blocked! So as you could imagine, upon realising this I was instantly hit with depression and sadness… After a few minutes though I became determined to […]


Perspectivate is a new project I’ve been working on which will take a flat boring image and apply some perspective by tilting it away from the screen. The project was started simply because I wanted to generate software project snapshots when your on a product web page, such as EmoteMaker for instance. Originally I was […]


Today I have released an update to ServerBrowse, it fixes a few bugs in the system and also brings a new caching system using SQLite (optional). Download Now!!


Live Emoticon Library has been updated this morning to fix a small issue that would stop someone using it on a website if there forums are in a sub folder. The blunder was completely my fault and I’m glad someone pointed it out so I could fix it . The update also adds a little […]