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Finally after many years and many scrapped projects, the new Resplace site is now taking shape and has begun to take over various aspects of the old domain. Basically I had a resources/geek site called which is very, VERY old now and was built way back when I was quite amateurish at Web Development. […]


It seems PirateBay has not given up against world governments censorship tactics, they have been secretly planning a return since the recent, forced blocking across the UK and other countries. Just like in futurama when bender says: “Lets build our own internet, with blackjack and hookers”, the PirateBay are looking to invent their own internet […]


Over the last couple of years our devices have been able to do more and more, especially when it comes to the latest 3d games and HD technologies, however as our devices have gotten more powerful, they have also become more usable for every day tasks such as email and banking. Our phones are now […]


I work for a company that offers a recycling service for new / used / broken mobile phones so I work heavily in the mobile phone recycling market. Recently Cash4Phones has been in the spotlight for downgrading their customers devices due to damage that did not exist and for delaying payment to customers that accepted […]


Today is a very sad day, over the past 10 years I’ve watched as Torrent site after torrent site got shut down or blocked, as a big fan of torrenting (and actually mostly not illegal!) it has been the cause of much hate for the UK Government and indeed all Governments around the world that […]


Has your twitter feed stopped working the last couple of days? Well if your using V1 of the Twitter API then there is a very good reason, twitter have now dropped support for V1 of the API and you must update your code to work with V1.1. Unfortunately you cannot simply change the URL to […]


Web Agent Chat gives your website visitors an opportunity to contact your sales advisors directly from their web browser, instantly. The process is so simple and quick you will wonder why you have phone support at all. Our software is not only seamless to use, but it is also easy to setup and configure to […]


I have just made a new service live called stURLs ( Like Tiny URL, it is a URL shortening service. However unlike the current URL shortening services, this one will display the URL to the user so they can then inspect the URL is from a safe source, and decide whether to continue on to […]


My current project requires quite a bit of date > timestamp and timestamp > date converting, mainly so I can store timestamps in a database instead of string dates. This has lead to a bit of frustration when modifying the database by hand – What does 1320969600 MEAN!?!?! Anyway I decided to create a small […]


Here’s a neat tool if you are looking to utilize CSS3’s new gradient backgrounds feature. It adopts a Photoshop like interface, making it super easy to generate custom gradients. This online tool also provides some backwards compatibility for IE although when I was checking it out radial gradients just appeared as vertical in IE which […]