Cash4Phones - The scam and how Bozowi is committed to fair trading!


cash4phones robbing peopleI work for a company that offers a recycling service for new / used / broken mobile phones so I work heavily in the mobile phone recycling market. Recently Cash4Phones has been in the spotlight for downgrading their customers devices due to damage that did not exist and for delaying payment to customers that accepted their price.

In fact it has gotten so bad that BBC’s Watchdog got involved and sent off a mobile phone to the recycler, the phone was in great condition with no damage, shockingly though Cash4Phones reported that the device had excessive scratches and that it had been downgraded by more than half the initial offered value.

This really affects other recyclers due to the destruction Cash4Phones has created, it is right that recyclers do and should sometimes reduce the offered price on their website due to damage or defect, but to lie and make up damage in order to reduce the amount you owe the customer is disgraceful and dishonest and other phone recyclers get pushed out of the market for offering genuine prices, Cash4Phones are literally offering more money because they know that once they have the device they can decide to offer less, and customers will not want to fight or pay a return fee, thus beating competition and making a higher margin.

I can with no doubt say that most other phone recyclers do not operate in this manor, in fact Bozowi (the company I work for) has made it’s number one goal to provide the offered price on the website where possible, we also make sure to offer prices that are competitive with other recyclers but also affordable for us so that they don't need to play tricks to reduce prices once we receive handsets, The company has also invested heavily to improve the services it provides to customers.

Over the past 3 months I have been working closely developing a brand new website for Bozowi, making it more flexible for staff and user friendly for customers. Management has also vastly improved customer service and are committed to taking a friendly, honest approach to phone recycling and customer satisfaction is the top most priority. Bozowi guarantee their prices for 14 days after you make your order, and if your phone meet's their testing criteria you will definately get the amount you are offered, whats even better is they offer a same-day payment service to all customers as standard using Faster Payments; payments are made instantly into your account the same day the device is received and tested and the funds clear immediately so you can spend the cash as soon as it appears.

I would say in no doubt that other recyclers are also in the process of improving their services, because bad business is.. well…  bad for business!!


Bozowi - Why use them?

bozowi cashBozowi have been around for a while now, and they guarantee their offered prices as long as your phone meets the very simple testing criteria, you may think "yeah this is the same as cash4phones" but you are wrong, Bozowi have a very tight testing environment where all devices are booked into the premises and unsealed beneath video recording equipment so that any re-valuation on a phone cannot be contested if the damage does in fact exist, also any errors can be disputed and resolved more easily.

The site also takes a very bold approach to it's competitors by displaying them and their prices, giving that sense of trust and to say "yes we don't offer as much, but we pay and we pay instantly!" - giving you the option to leave for competitors if you choose to!

Also the company offers a same-day payment service, and unlike other phone recyclers payments are sent instantly as soon as a device passes testing and is instantly available in your bank account for you to spend.

Furthermore bozowi's proprietary account page allows you to track your mobile phone, manage your account and how you get paid and give you updated information on the progress of your order.

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