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In Android 10+ A new security feature has been implemented that prevents screen recording/casting to your Android device unless you accept a warning from a dialog prompt, furthermore there are no options to allow this automatically so for things like remote desktop through AnyDesk, TeamViewer etc, and things such as Microsoft’s new PC Companion this […]


As far back as WordPress 4.4 a feature has been included which can take original images and automatically decide to introduce a srcset for various sizes of images to fit responsive versions of the site, the problem is that you might not have a responsive site, or like us you might have fairly large source […]


Looking for a quick and easy cookie policy message for your website? This cookie policy script is built entirely using JavaScript/jQuery and only requires you to add the JavaScript code to your web pages for a fast, effortless cookie policy warning popup for your visitors. I have implemented various options so that you can configure […]


I’ve wrote a light-weight jQuery script which allows you to easily show a warning under a field when the CAPS LOCK key is active, the script requires no plugins or require any manual placement of any HTML. Simply drop the java-script below onto any pages you require the warning and just configure what fields you […]


Recently I worked with a client that wanted to export a MS Access DB into MySQL, the conversion was done by a third-party but I was asked to confirm that all the data from the tables was present in PHPMyAdmin. The easiest solution to this was to compare how many records were in each table, […]


Finally after many years and many scrapped projects, the new Resplace site is now taking shape and has begun to take over various aspects of the old domain. Basically I had a resources/geek site called which is very, VERY old now and was built way back when I was quite amateurish at Web Development. […]


I was having some issues on a server which ultimately lead to some very dire system resource issues, I quickly discovered that the issue was originating due to file locks as multiple processes where accessing and modifying the same files repeatedly all at the same time. It was quite embarrassing to have created such an […]


One of the biggest SEO requirements is for images to have an ALT attribute for indexing and usability purposes, unfortunately when making posts most often ALT attributes are not set leading to lots and lots of posts with images missing their ALT attributes. I wrote a small function that will capture the page before output […]


WHM & cPanel’s GUI only allows for one IP address to be assigned per cPanel account, however it is possible to assign sub-domains of a cPanel account their own IP addresses but for some reason this feature has not been built into the UI for general use. The only way to do this in fact […]


One of my biggest annoyances when it comes to cPanel/WHM is the fact that every cPanel account has a catch-all mail account, referred to as a “default” system account – it is extremely useful if you want any email address for a domain to route email into an inbox that can be picked up, but […]