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A guy named James Shirley, is A very nice guy at first, but then he uses your skills and time and then decides not to pay you what you have both agreed.

yup… This is what has happened to me recently, converted a PSD design into a website with javascript interaction recently for Mr James Shirley, we both agreed £150 in total and he said he was more than happy with the work I had carried out for him…

Over a month later and I have still not seen the £120 still owed to me, I have received £30 only due to the fact it was a deposit made to and they kindly released it to me.

The cheeky cunt even tried to threaten me with legal action if I contacted his client (he was building the site for someone else)… Threat noted but hasn't deterred me Winking smile.

Lets see what your client thinks of this.

I discourage anyone from using this company for any website design and/or coding.

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I would contact his client, ask him not to do busnesss with him anymore, then post about it on

I love that sure. It is a form of theopy and entertainment all in one.

Unfortunately I don't know very much about UK law, so I don't know what your options are. In the US emails can be used as legally binding documents, then take him to small claims court, which don't require layers and don't have jurys.

You could also do what these guys did.



I've been shown this post and have forwarded it on to my lawyer along with a bank statement showing payment.

The is defamation (

As per UK law you are not allowed to interfere or deter someone's business through manners such as this and or contacting clients. I let it go the first time but this has gone too far.

The pure vulgarity of the language and un-professionalism that you have dealt in shows your true character.

You have 7 days to remove this post or otherwise I'll take this further.