Advanced AJAX Page Loader Plugin for WordPress!

I have been working on a plugin for WordPress that implements AJAX for internal blog browsing. Today I proudly release this plugin for anyone with a WordPress blog or website to utilize.


  • Navigate the site with AJAX - Only required content is loaded into the page.
  • While navigating the browsers address bar will update to reflect the users current page.
  • Also while navigating the users history is updated so they can use the forward/back buttons.
  • Any problems while loading are displayed on the screen.
  • Easy to install just drop the folder into your plug-ins directory.
  • Includes the latest version of jQuery.

Download it now!

Author: Dean WilliamsI'm a Web Developer, Graphics Designer and Gamer, this is my personal site which provides PHP programming advice, hints and tips

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Hey - plugin works nicely but I'm struggling with reloading necessary code after pulling in a new page via ajax. I have a slider on the homepage, lightboxes on quite a few other pages.. Can you provide any more information / documentation /examples than what is in the readme? "A: Unfortunately any inline javascript in the HTML being loaded into the page is ignored by your browser, also any bindings for lightbox for example need to be reloaded when new HTML is put into the page. please reload required code on line 123 of the javascript file just after the… Read more »

I can't get the new plugin to work in WordPress version 3.3.1. The first release works but the advanced release shows an error.

Can you/anyone help me?

Can you quote me what you would charge to fix this issue. I am using WP ver.3.3.1 with the twentyeleven theme (modified).

Hy! this is the best plugin for wordpress i ever hear! Great work, good job! I want to help you, with few tips or error in this plugin. First: i use free stats counter from (code content java script) and after that, counter stop and not show any stats. Second: When i use Advanced AJAX Page Loader, the plugin "social facebook comments" dissapear.

this is the best ajax partial page load plugin out!!! tho help.... it won't load shortcode content??? n no silly # in the url too.. perfect! thanks, lance.

Hello Great Job Man !!!!!!!Really Using this Plugin so many Stuff is Reduced...........Thanxxxxxxxxx

hello, somebody use this whit the facebook comments plugin? how do you repair the conflict? (Seby)