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Will BPG replace JPEG and GIF?

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So there's been allot of talk about BPG and the benefits this format has over JPEG and GIF, so I thought I would do a little research on the format and find out if and when it will be replacing our tired JPEG and GIF formats.

BPG is a new image compression and storage format that boasts better quality and smaller file size, this is in fact VERY TRUE, a JPEG and a BPG compressed as small as possible gives almost the same file size, but the BPG retains it's quality while the JPEG disintegrates into a LSD mess.

Not only this but BPG can provide video quality animation with file sizes that are smaller than compressed GIF's which is an astonishing feat considering.

Here are some illustrations showing the compression/file size comparisons between JPEG and BPG:



Unfortunately BPG is not supported by any browser and isn't even supported by allot of software, the format has had serious difficulty picking up support in browsers, which is a serious issue, this format will never take traction until it is supported by browsers at least.

However you can begin using BPG on your websites using a small Javascript BPG image decoder! You can download an example of this below:

Download BPG Javascript Decoder


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