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OpenCart: Clean SEO URL’s for Contact Us, Site Map and other custom pages

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Over the last few weeks I have been working with OpenCart, a free Open-Source Shopping Cart. And so far I have been loving it!

However it was not long until I hit a road block with the software, after enabling the clean SEO URL’s feature and setting up my “SEO Keywords” for all my products, categories and information pages. I soon realised there was no options to set this up for the Contact Us, Sitemap and various other pages!!

I soon figured it out though, and I will explain how to do this for the contact us and site map pages below:

First modify /catalog/controller/common/seo_url.php


//custom SEO url's
if ($url[0] == 'contact') {
    $this->request->get['route'] = 'information/contact';
if ($url[0] == 'sitemap') {
    $this->request->get['route'] = 'information/sitemap';



if ($url[0] == 'information_id') {
    $this->request->get['information_id'] = $url[1];


Now you need to insert two URL aliases into your url_alias table with the following values:


Column:  Value: 
 query  contact=contact
 keyword  contact
 query  sitemap=sitemap
 keyword  sitemap


Congratulations! It is that simple! You can now link to or

All you need todo now is repeat the steps above to create URL aliases for any page in open cart.

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