Monthly Archives: May 2013


This hotel is the WORST hotel I have ever seen, the walls and ceiling were dirty, the floor had blood on it! The door had been broken down more than once and the lock on the door didn’t work. Here are some photo’s of the room we refused to stay in:


Are you looking to simply duplicate existing rows in your MySQL table? I needed to do this recently for a database I had for a project I was developing, I wanted to duplicate the data in the database to about 10,000 rows to test response times of SQL and perform optimization on the system.


Recently I had a weird problem where I was setting up two sites to use Barclays ePDQ, however the post back URL for both sites were completely different so I could not simply format a PARAMVAR so ePDQ would post to the right place. I finally concluded that I needed a central location for ALL […]