Monthly Archives: January 2013


Web Agent Chat gives your website visitors an opportunity to contact your sales advisors directly from their web browser, instantly. The process is so simple and quick you will wonder why you have phone support at all. Our software is not only seamless to use, but it is also easy to setup and configure to […]


I was working on a project recently that had a pricing grid that I felt was hard to follow, I solution I decided on to make it more clear was to highlight the current cell that was being hovered, but also highlight the row and the column so that the user can clearly see the […]


Today I came across the weirdest error ever in PHP, it is so weird it is not even code related, in fact it is completely COMMENT related and it stumped me for SEVERAL HOURS! Okay so here is a snippet of code to demonstrate‚Ķ (obviously the code I was working with originally was very complex […]


I thought I would blog about my personal experience with this very question, about 3 months ago I found many so-called SEO professionals that were claiming that the Meta Keywords and Meta Descriptions were now redundant and should be removed due to the fact that search engines could now cleverly devise a list of useful […]