Quantum Web taken over by IRun?

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Disclaimer: All the information contained in this blog post is already publically available at the time of writing, I do not claim to know what is going on and information on here is of my own understand and of those who have contacted me.

Right okay, so I've been getting some emails the last few days from scared Quantum clients who have been contacted by a company called IRun, this company has informed them that they have taken over Quantum and in order to continue their hosting will have to pay a 3 figure sum.


Official Email from Quantum about IRun

I have been forwarded the below email which Quantum have sent to most of their Clients ( encoding issues included :8 ):

I need to update you on the current situation with 'us', your website, 
the server on which it is running the people who are on hand to give you 
assistance and support, including myself.

When Quantum Network & Promotions was placed in the hands of the 
administrators and all staff were made redundant 'they' then consisted 
of Lisa Salmon and a number of the employees , including myself, who 
previously worked for Quantum who were persuaded by Lisa, to 'do 
favours' and sort out urgent problems whilst measures were put in place 
to provide an effective long term solution.

Without competent staff and an appropriate office infrastructure and / 
or the working capital to take on the necessary overheads, Quantum 
Hosting and Support were unable to provide the support service you 
really need and deserve. They do take their responsibilities seriously 
and understand how important your website is to your business.  For that 
reason they have approached  IRUN who have agreed to provide you with a 
hosting and support service that Quantum Hosting and Support could never 
hope to deliver alone.

IRUN have been around for a long time, and have a national network of 
local representatives covering most of the UK.  IRUN are dedicated to 
providing the highest possible levels of technical and commercial 
support.  In reality IRUN offer more on-going services to help assist 
with marketing and business development to clients than Quantum 
delivered so when the dust settles you can look forward to receiving 
even more with IRUN than you did before.

The plan of action concluded on Wednesday 12^th Sept is that I will join 
the IRUN team in order that you can be assured of a professional level 
of on-going support.  IRUN are also looking to retain a number of the 
techies who are familiar with your website.

Please see the statement below for further details;

IRUN have not purchased Quantum and we have not taken on their 
liabilities.  What we have done is offered to setup a dedicated team to 
support the clients who purchased websites from Quantum and wish to keep 
their websites.

We are a completely independent company, if you want a comparison it is 
similar to the situation that would exist if you had purchased a car 
from Rover just before the government withdrew funding and they went 
into administration.  You have a Rover car, (that may or may not have 
worked when you purchased it), if it is working then fine, if not then 
you need it fixed.  We are not Rover, we are like "BMW" and whilst we 
can fix your Rover we are not able to do it gratis.  You may have had a 
3 year warranty with Rover, but we have not received any payment, and 
accept no liability for providing foc warranty / service on Rover cars

What we have done is to agree to offer hosting and support arrangements 
for those of the ex Quantum clients that wish to work with IRUN.  We 
have also agreed to employ a number of the employees who were previously 
with Quantum to provide programming and technical support.  IRUN have 
the people and the systems in place = the costs.  But we can only do 
this if we have a corresponding income stream that will enable us to 
provide a profitable professional service for obvious reasons.

I hope this makes sense, and whilst it is probably not a welcome 
message, it is much better than it could be, as the alternative is that 
your website and your email would go off line and you would have no 
option but to start from scratch with a completely new website and a 
completely new supplier.

IRUN are offering a support service, i.e. staff who are familiar with 
the software your website is built on, able to assist with technical and 
marketing issues.  Included are hosting, SSL renewal if required and 
assistance with email, domain names.  For this we are offering two 
payment options, �375 for 12 months payable in advance, or �37.50 per 
month.  If you wish to retain your website please let us know which of 
the payment options you prefer in order that we can raise the necessary 
invoice and be able to give you access to the technical support staff if 
/ when you need them.

If you do not wish to retain your website please let us know and we will 
add your website to the list for deletion.  My sincere apologies if this 
appears to be unfair, but we have to reduce loading on that server to 
speed up websites for those clients who do wish to retain their website 
and to receive a professional support service from IRUN.

Please note that Quantum Hosting and Support Ltd has no staff and no 
money to pay anyone, all available funds within that company are being 
set aside to pay for the server until the company is wound up.  IRUN can 
arrange for you to receive a copy of your website, we can assist with 
transferring your domain name away from the Quantum Domain Management 
System, and we can assist with migrating your email services if 
necessary -- however all of these activities take time and effort on the 
part of personnel who are now being paid by IRUN and are therefore 
chargeable as follows:

�Provision of a fully functional site copy as a downloadable link with 
installation instructions*.      � 96.00 + VAT.

�Transfer of a .co.uk domain and removal of all records from the Quantum 
Rackspace server**. � 45.00 + VAT.

�Transfer of a .com domain and removal of all records from the Quantum 
Rackspace server***. � 95.00 + VAT.

/Customers who opt to pay IRUN for monthly support will receive the 
above services free of charge subject to retaining the service for at 
least 3 months./

*             Whilst the site will work other suppliers will not be able 
to fix software issues, the only people who will be able to fix software 
issues on the CMS system are the developers who used to work for Quantum.

**           Preferably simply go to Nominet and ask them to transfer 
your domain which would be our preference as they can do it quicker than 
we can, however it is a charged for service by Nominet and you will need 
to prove your identity and domain ownership.

***        This can be relatively tortuous and time consuming and there 
isn't really an alternative to our having to spend time to assist you to 
complete a .com transfer without risking your website and emails being 
off line for a considerable time, (possibly weeks or months).

I trust you understand that we are not trying to be unreasonable or 
unfair, we are simply seeking to provide a professional support service 
to those of the ex Quantum client who wish to work with IRUN as an 
alternative provider of website and online marketing related services.  
Wherever possible we will provide short term assistance to those who 
wish to make alternative arrangements in the most equitable way possible.

Now what makes me laugh is, and quote "I trust you understand that we are not trying to be unreasonable or unfair, we are simply seeking to provide a professional support service to those of the ex Quantum client who wish to work with IRUN"...

For a start, they are seeking £45 to transfer your domain name, I appreciate time is taken to sort this out and time = money... But there is a way YOU can get YOUR DOMAIN... DIRECTLY from the domain authority.

Go to the below email address and type your domain name:


Look out for "nominet", "easyspace" or anything about the domain authority providing the whois information, these are the people you need to contact, phone them! I know Nominet are releasing domains pretty easily, all you need to do is provide proof of your identity.

Just saved you £45... now that's "trying not to be unreasonable"...

Those looking to move their website can do without Quantum as well, if you have Tovuti you can easily fetch your site yourself using the "download site" in the admin area, this file can then be used by a developer such as myself and set up on a new server.

Those with Quantum and Linesave sites can contact quantum for a download for £25, they are not gone yet so no need to pay IRun for this (an at £96 Quantum is cheaper). Contact me for any more information/help or support.


Quantum staff working for IRun

Here we go again, I like how they mention this like its a positive thing... Do you really want the same service AGAIN, same staff responding to those years and years of problems that never got resolved?

Didn't think so.


Quantum / Tovuti System Explained

I have been contacted now by several concerned individuals who have been told by IRUN that no one can work with the Quantum or Tovuti systems as they are very complex, and that they don't know of ANYONE who can successfully move, setup or support such websites.

Well the last part is obviously FALSE, not only can I help with moving websites, setting them up on ANY apache + PHP server, but I know of a few other developers who are doing this. It is expected that the system is not the best in the world, due to less than average coding work there are several key areas of the system that will need work when you move the site, due to path changes and/or coding mistakes that are repressed on Quantums servers.

But let me stress that ANY PHP developer with enough skill can help you move and setup your site with very little trouble, however there is an obvious advantage to knowing the system already and this is why I offer such services.
in fact I was not familiar with Tovuti at all until I got my first copy and tinkered with the code - so that proves it is possible for anyone to learn and setup even a Tovuti site which are much more complex than quantum sites.

Dont get bullied into sticking with IRUN because they tell you that you have no choice, it's bullshit and you have many choices to choose from.


Site Moving / Backup

I would suggest to all website owners, that instead of just paying this requested fee from IRun, you first make sure they actually have been given the servers by Quantum, Quantum should have informed EVERYONE about this before the move.
Contact Quantum on: info@hosting-support.co.uk

Get a backup of your site from Quantum just in case your site does go belly up – this way your business can be re-setup and is safe if what IRun say is true.

Anyone receiving phone calls from IRun or know any more information are urged to please comment below, but please no personal information or anything slanderous or non-factual.

Anyone wishing for more support moving, hosting your website can contact me directly on: deano@resplace.net

Author: Dean Williams

I'm a Web Developer, Graphics Designer and Gamer, this is my personal site which provides PHP programming advice, hints and tips

  • p

    I was also contacted by IRUN and was told that Quantum Hosting was basically now One Man & His Dog and could go offline in days. I was then offred up the fantastic question ` Do i want my Website ?!` as if i did not move it, it would be deleted from the server!
    I do have a strong suspicion that Quantum are employing there usual tactics and once again trying to offer a service under another name to fleece people once more.
    As i have said to Dean the whole Linesave / Quantum Axis of Evil has left me with the view of building a site myself due to having serious trust issues with Web Developers due to this.
    By the way i am luckier than most and have had a site up & running with not too many problems but it took ages to get done and seems to be run on a very unstable network of Bulls*@T from reading others comments over the months.
    No reflection on Dean as i have read he really has been helping people who have been unlucky enough to have been shat on from a great height.
    All these views are my own.
    Cheers & Good Luck.

  • Dan

    If you do a companies house search for Irun Solutions Ltd they were in administration earlier this year. This is purely my opinion but...It is probably a company that has been bought by the previous owners of Quantum as a front to make people think it is not them.

    It would make sense to why they are employing Quantum staff.

    I have requested an unencrypted site off Jo but have been told it is up to Irun. I'm guessing I will never get hold of a downloadable copy of my site is Irun are charging to do this.

    Any advice or suggestions would be great!

  • Just looks like another shakedown to me. I don't believe it's Quantum with a new name, but definitely a lack of ethics, and a bullshit reason used for the not-so-subtle threat of "pay us or else".

    As for technical expertise from Quantum... With my leaving, only 2 programmers were remaining, so I'm not inclined to believe they can provide the service they're promising. I was under the impression that the pair of them moved over to the 'from the ashes' start up, which was a different name. This email only mentions Quantum.

    My message to any clients reading this: be very careful. And follow Dean's advice above, it's good advice.

  • George

    On the fence with this as just don't know what will happen next. Why did Quantum select IRUN - the irony in the name maybe? Talking of running what's happened to the Directors, rogue traders etc etc?

    I am trying to transfer my web site elsewhere. In Aug Jo at info@hosting-support quoted me £35 for the domain transfer and web site back up files. Then in October I tried to email the above address but it directs me to Irun. Jo then replied from Irin saying it would be £141 to transfer the site. When I queried the huge price increase she said that was because IRUN had to charge enough to make a profit etc. Please note that you cannot now get your web site files from Quantum as the email address no longer exists and just refers you to Irun.

  • It’s really important people share information on here so that all us Quantum victims help one another. I have obviously done a lot of snooping since I found out about i-run, I rang a high number of their clients (including a few of their own staff who I know in order to get the lowdown on them).

    The feedback overall was positive, clients said they communicated well with them, helped them with site issues when they arose and they felt that they were trustworthy.


    WHY IS i-RUN LISTED AS DISSOLVED ON COMPANIES HOUSE? The reason a company named i-run ltd is dissolved on companies house is because originally i-run hosted their sites with a Canadian company and used their platform to build i-run websites. This Canadian company went into liquidation which meant that i-run websites no-longer worked. i-run was then dissolved due to the actions of this Canadian company. However you will notice that another i-run is registered with companies house. The bosses bought the company names etc back off the administrator which allowed them to carry on the business with the same name. (Hence the two i-runs on companies house). I-run then rebuilt ALL of their client websites free of charge. I-run have been around since 2005 (officially since 2010) and have another company i-run solutions ltd.

    HOW DID THEY GET INVOLVED WITH QUANTUM? Lisa Salmon approached i-run because Quantum could no longer afford to run the servers all our sites are hosted on. They agreed to take on the server (not the business) and provide support. i-run hired an ex Quantum coder who is familiar with the systems as well as support staff. None of the Quantum directors work at i-run (my first question as I would have been running for the hills if they had hired any of them), as you know a few are at a new company called Tazamo, Bernie Hurley and Lisa have gone back into property development apparently. Bernie Hurley allegedly spent all Quantums money trying to develop the Tovuti software to rival the big industry softwares, but did a shit job because he knew nothing about software engineering.

    i-RUNS WEBSITE: If you’ve flicked through i-runs clients you’ll see the majority of them are brochure websites (simple) so if you’re like me and have a more complexed site one wonders can they handle anything bigger? However they built part of Thames water website, they host Catipillar trucks websites so thats a little re-assuring. They use Droople (open source) to build their websites.

    After getting advice, I can get i-run to rebuild my website on droople (not sure if this is the right platform for me though) or someone else to rebuild the site on another platform OR pay old Quantum developers (like Dean) who are familiar with the systems to fix, host and further develop the site. It all comes to down to pricing it up and seeing what the more economical option is.

    AFTER QUANTUM: Though I have done my homework into i-run after my dealings with Quantum I TRUST NO-ONE. For now I am researching and adding up what is the best option for my site. I refuse to pay i-run £375 for hosting upfront, but now that they own the server my site is on it is important to hand some money over in order to make them liable if anything goes wrong. I said I will pay them £37.50 for the first month and then they have a month to impress me and fix some of my site bugs or i'm walking.

    One thing I do like is that they are communicative (unlike Quantum) and they have a login system to keep track of tickets. I was surprised how honest the director was with me (no-point him not being as I had researched them and knew a lot of it anyway).

    I think they are overpriced in general and am certainly not handing any great amount of money over willy nilly until I see some results.

    Hope this helps some people get a bigger picture of what’s going on,obviously everyones situation isnt the same so don’t take my word for it. Before you agree to anything, ring their clients, get some feedback, ring the directors and grill them, DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Find out what’s going to be the most economical and safest option in order to get your site back on track.

  • Thanks for the information Gina, very informative and lots of research you have been doing 🙂

    One thing that should warn you though is they have been telling Quantum clients that NO-ONE ELSE can help them, that and the very high prices they are charging tells me to be wary of their actions as they full well know there are other people who can help them, anyone with PHP skills for a start, but they also know I can help anyone who needs it yet say "sorry we know no-one else who can support Quantums specialist software, it is too complex for anyone else to support" - which is rubbish 🙂

    Hope your adventure with iRun leads you somewhere good! Take care 🙂

  • Rodz

    That was very informative and useful. We have an e commerce website developed and hosted by Quantum and we have been offered the option of £375 +vat for the year or £37.50 month. We are looking into what the best option is for us at the moment. It is reassuring that IRUN appear to be independent of Quantum albiet they have take on employees but hopefully they will be expected to provide an IRUN service (Assuming it is as good as it is meant to be) and not a Quantum service, if they are given the opportunity,time to do so.
    We are not hugely experienced in the set up and running of a website and the £375 option sounds like a simple transfer over without any hassle.

    Dean - you mention that others can help us outusing the tovuti system but I understand that to download the website from the admin section is limited as it is 'encrypted' meaning other developers cannot use it??

    We have had problems with Quantum over the course of the year since we started up but whilst frustrating at times they did resolve issues albiet we still have a few niggles

    Who is an alternative to IRUN given we only have c. 9 days before the server goes down?

    The way I see it we probably need to go with IRUN and assume we can make a decision over the course of the year to see if we go with alternatives next year if they do not perform.

  • jessica mccarnun

    I p[aid for a Tovouti website and that never was going to happen I need every client to please email me on jessicamccarnun@ymail.com

    Why was this email from the market square address if IRUN are dealing with the websites now. Surely they would be contacting. Do they know Quantum is asking for this???

    The reason is I am going to stop these people I believe IRUN NOT TO BE SAFE. If it was safe then why was an email sent out yesterday from LISA SALMON stating to pay money or everyones site gets switched off on the 20th. Actually some peoples sites got switched off last night. Then that email came...............Strange, coincidence no

    Its Quantum back to the same tricks. they took money off me after they liquidated. Did they do that to you? do you have proof?The law is changing so they can be made accountable for this AGAIN if we can prove it as its very illegal. I have some evidence but need more. I need emails proving payments after the liquidation date things like that. This was my disabled sons nest egg. The fact they sold me a product that didn't exist is fraud in itself. But I need your help to pull this off.

    So are you up for it guys send me an email
    Kind Regards Jess

  • jessica mccarnun

    Lisa Salmon - Units 42-45 Boston House, Grove Technology Park, Wantage, , OX12 9FF - Tel: 01865 920003

    this was at the bottom of the email by mistake i think copy and paste in google

    ring it its IRUN but not the one in Shrewsbury. Now do you still believe they are separate. I am going to stop these people

  • GuyWithAHeadAche

    I'm in the unfortunate position of sorting this out for a friend. We've decided to go with IRUN, but only with their hosting package, not the support package (which is the cost you have quoted). This hosting only cost is £15 a month, or £150 a year plus VAT. Its not ideal, but I we don't have the time to move everything right this second.

    The biggest issue is our emails, which will be deleted very soon. I'm opting to use a gmail app account for the staff, as the company is very small.

    If any ones know how to set up the MX records please let me know. IRun do not provide ftp access, and I've not see any option in Tovuti CMS for it.

    I have to say, IRun have been very helpful.
    But I would have liked more than a weeks notice to sort this out.

  • Sam

    Sorry to hear of everyone's problems. My story is this: paid Quantum over £2000 to build my site. Eventually they got it up and live after much pestering from me. Various things did not work properly and were hindering people trying to order. Mine is an ecommerce site with thousands of items. When I started digging at the beginning of August, I realised Quantum were not going to fix any of the problems I was having and I ended up paying someone else to rebuild the site. It is now up and running again and a lot better than what I had before. Quantum charged me an extra £800 to have 1056 external links built in, but were never able to show me that this had been done. I don't see why a) I should have to pay twice for my website, and b) I should be paying for something I never received. Has anyone else done a credit card chargeback? How did you get on? Sam

  • Rozez

    Hey everyone just realised my site is no longer on the Internet even when I try and access it through the link I was given from quantum web, I paid 1500 for the site to be built and it took me a while to get that money together in the first place so I would be so gutted if it has been deleted please is there anyone who can help me on what to do 🙁