Monthly Archives: August 2012


Here’s a strange one for you… We all know that parseInt() is a really useful function for converting a string into an integer. It enables us to take a string, convert it to a number, perform mathematic equations and get the result we are looking for. However today I was converting some strings into numbers […]


Over the last week or two I have slowly noticed increased difficulty using several websites that I use frequently, recently though some websites have completely stopped functioning correctly – I have not been able to login to my HSBC Internet Banking, or deposit money into my SkyBet account (although the latter problem is probably for […]


This is something that has been irritating me for a while now, I like to remove and force removal of the www. in front of all websites that I own and host. However the only examples I have ever found online use the domain name in the re-write rule. Which means that every .htaccess file […]


This is a question I found myself asking the other day – I had wiped my iPhone and then applied the greenpois0n Absinthe jailbreak, but I wanted to restore all my settings, apps, pictures and app data from my iCloud backup. To my dismay, I found that most people were saying it was not possible […]


I have just made a new service live called stURLs ( Like Tiny URL, it is a URL shortening service. However unlike the current URL shortening services, this one will display the URL to the user so they can then inspect the URL is from a safe source, and decide whether to continue on to […]