Rogue Sources reporting Quantum/Tuvuti will go offline

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The company that was mentioned here before has contact me and expressed that they are in no way connected with Quantum and are only seeking to help clients affected by the companies liquidation. I have also been asked to remove this post, so in light of this I have made some careful edits.

I have received some frantic messages from Quantum Web clients asking if it is true that all Quantum/Tuvuti websites will be going offline soon…

I’m not sure where this information has come from, but I have not heard anything of the sorts – as far as Quantum Hosting & Support is concerned, all hosting will be continuing – of course I do not believe Quantum, but with no evidence to say otherwise, no one should be giving such advice.

I would definitely think twice before parting any money with anyone using such forceful methods as phoning you without any previous contact from yourself, or anyone who claims your site will just "vanish" and you need a new one.


Worried about your site?

Do not get me wrong, I’m not saying your site is safe hosted by Quantum, however I would urge everyone to keep a level head and to not panic while Quantum go through their changes – To confirm, there is absolutely no indication that your site will suddenly “vanish” and cease to exist in the next few months.

However I completely understand those that are worried, instead of having a new site developed costing potentially thousands, why not just move your site and host it with another host such as Resplace Hosting.

Tuvuti customers can now request a download backup of their website from their administration panel, this download can then be passed to me or someone capable to setup on a new server.

Quantum/Linesave customers can contact Quantum directly for a copy of their source files, which can then be passed on to a developer.

Please feel free to contact me directly for any advice or support moving your website to my hosting or any other hosting provider:

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