Monthly Archives: April 2012 A guy named James Shirley, is A very nice guy at first, but then he uses your skills and time and then decides not to pay you what you have both agreed. yup… This is what has happened to me recently, converted a PSD design into a website with javascript interaction recently for Mr […]


Normally I would not support such an activity as this, as it is obviously going to cause some serious downtime, but because it’s the government and also because I completely agree with the reasons behind doing it! I will make an exception…. So the government want to store everyone’s emails in one huge, dirty, big […]


Right, so I’ve had a MASSIVE response to my blog posts about Quantum Web Solutions going into liquidation and I must thank everyone who has come forward to share their stories and especially for contributing information to help others. So for those that are not aware and/or have not read my other blog posts, let […]


Google Analytics is a great way to track the visitors on your websites, however what if you are using AJAX for website navigation? Fortunately Google have everything under control, you can easily tell Analytics that the user is loading another page by using _trackPageView. You should already have the latest Google Analytics tracking code called […]


Recently I have had a nightmare of a problem with an apparent rendering bug in IE7 + IE8 which had all the hallmarks of the “peakaboo bug”. Firstly, here is a quick explanation of my problem: AJAX fetches content into an element on the page, in ALL other browsers this content appears and works normally […]


I have a very useful script for people who wish to monetize from the Google Affiliate Network. Are you sick of managing your banners manually? Adding/removing banners as you join/leave affiliates? Or are you looking to use Google Affiliate Network but the task of managing the adverts is putting you off? Well my Script can […]


Just a few days ago I setup a new site for Theme Hospital fans. As a long time lover of Theme Hospital, I have always been uneasy with the rapid decline in support for the software… Just 6 months ago I noticed a very nice domain was availiable – – and decided to purchase […]


If, like me, you find that the WordPress visual editor (TinyMCE editor) has stopped working randomly (or in my case when moving your WordPress site to another server) then you may be lost as to how to fix the problem! With my editor I could only see the code window and not the visual editor, […]


Today I was invited to the new Google Affiliate Network, which was FANTASTIC NEWS! So quickly I setup my profile and began to apply to advertisers, one of which was Big Fish Games, I was quickly accepted into their program and was immediately sent an “approved” email. However the email is suffering from some sort […]